Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Thrill Of It

Leaving aside all the men who tune into sites like this one on a regular basis, there’s little doubt that most men get an involuntary jag of excitement when the subject of giving a girl a spanking comes into the conversation, or better still into the reality of their bedroom.

But what about women? A different thing entirely. I would be prepared to bet that for every girl who enjoys being pinioned across a man’s knee to be taught the sort of lesson that can only be learned with her knickers pulled down, there are likely to be, I don’t know, ten, twenty men who would be thrilled to be the lucky one dishing it out.

Why so men have a spanking fetish is not difficult to understand, and if I chose to I could probably write page after page on the subject. Stating the bleeding obvious, having assumed some almost certainly dubious moral high ground, if out of nowhere a man finds he has some ostensible excuse to exercise a little discipline on some sweet young thing, it puts him in a position of control he can then exploit to the limit. He now has the pleasure of restraining this gorgeous little brat who squirms and wriggles and protests as he does his duty by her, and he has the licence to pull up he skirt, to letch over her stocking tops and skimpy panties, and, oh joy, even pull them down and get a good eyeful, not merely of thigh and bottom but even that secret moist cleft that, if he plays his cards right, he might get to accidentally brush his fingers against while he is telling her off.

Of course, for a lot of men it goes much further than that and simply telling a girl that she’s dangerously close to being given a good spanking is enough to turn them on,

and best of all, the Holy Grail, is that girl they all want to meet, the one who peoples their fantasies on a regular basis and who literally asks for it. “I’ve been such a naughty girl, Sir. I suppose you’re going to have to spank me.”

But where this is all leading is the big question, what is in it for us girls, those of us who not merely don’t mind being chastised in this way but actively get turned on by it? Like all of our sexual reactions it’s because we can’t help it and something has hard wired us so our heart starts to race when an actual or potential lover gives us that look and tells us they simply have no choice but to take us over their knee and teach us a lesson.

Of course it is vital to have an absolute trust in the man who you are affording the privilege of controlling you in this way, and even more obvious, to me at least, is that he will be a man you find massively attractive and is already pressing a good number of your sexual buttons as well; but that being the case then there is something overwhelmingly exciting when you realise that whatever is going to be your fate over the next few minutes is out of your hands completely. As I have said time and again before, being put over a man’s knee and having your skirt pulled up and your knickers pulled down is undignified and demeaning, but that is the whole point of it.

As an educated and independent female completely in control of every aspect of her life, being turned for a few heady moments into a naught schoolgirl (or positively playing the part of one) can be a serious turn on.

And although bondage is not specifically my thing, if at an appropriate time with an appropriate man you find yourself completely restrained and at the mercy of his sexual whims, it’s yet another aspect of the same game

As I said at the beginning of this I could write at enormous length on the whole subject, and indeed I have not even touched on the excitement I get when I take one the occasional female lovers in my life over my knee and purr to them how sorry I am but I simply have no choice but to give them a good smacked bottom. And when the spanking has been given and they show how contrite they are with soft kisses and inquisitive fingers, I know exactly how they are feeling and what it is they need from me.

But often it’s best not to analyse these things in too much depth. If we know of something that gives us and other people pleasure and, as an uncle of mine used to say, doesn’t frighten the horses, let’s go for it. It’s a dark world out there. Let’s enjoy the private world our ivory tower every chance we can.


  1. Oh Elizabeth, you put it so well it's like poetry. And that comes from someone frequently guilty of analysing things in great depth. As you rightly state, at the end of the day it's all just a wonderful, sexy, loving, fun thing to do xxx

  2. In my own case, I was a man who had absolutely no interest in spanking. I was married for several years before my sweet kitten revealed that it was her secret fantasy - worried that I would not react favorably. I must admit that I took quite a bit of coaxing before deciding to go along.

    In the end, the only reason I did is because my belief is that making love is not something one does merely for one's own pleasure, instead it is a gift of pleasure you give to someone else. I have found that, by making her pleasure my sole focus, I am never dissatisfied (even when her return gift is delayed due to exhaustion).

    Although I didn't see how, she pressed that this would please her, so I spanked her. It gave her so much pleasure and released a new level of passion in her. That is what made this man into one who enjoys spanking his naughty girl.


  3. I really liked this! I just found you today, and had to link to you.