Wednesday, 3 October 2012

No use sulking!

No use your looking so sulky and resentful like that! OK, you’re being spanked, but it’s probably what you deserve and probably not before time.

Think yourself lucky he didn’t pull your knickers down first (most men do, believe me.)

And then spank you on your bare bottom,

or even strip you naked first to get across that you really are in trouble. It’s quite common when a girl has done something really naughty.

So what did you do to earn this? Enjoy your piano lesson a bit too much? (It was singing top C that gave you away!)

Or out of the kindness of your heart did you help that nice Mr Jones down the road with his bath, as after all, his wife is away and you thought he might need someone to lend him a hand round the house.

Well, something like that anyway. How do I know all this? Bit of a silly question! I’m a girl too, just like you. Believe me, I’ve been there!


  1. I completely agree.. no use sulking.. just get thru with it and on to the "afters" ;)

    amber xxx

  2. Lets hear it for the "afters" :)

  3. L

    there you go again - teasing

    the last picture i had trouble with until i copied and did a cinamescope size print and phwew is was not one 'person' but a sort of soapy couple - phwew . . .


    imcidentally why cannot your 'fans' be a little more forthcoming what the h*** does 'i like' mean

    of course i am and was awed from the very beginning that there is no editing but we assume your staff are othewise uoccupied - i am sure you must keep them under a strict regime - OK, Amber steady as you go on the CV applicatiom