Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sexuelle up for grabs

It is with enormous regret that I have to accept what has been becoming more and more obvious to me over the last year that it is simply not an option for me to continue with Sexuelle. None of you who check it out regularly will have failed to notice that my posts have been getting fewer and further between, and this is simply because of my having to keep too many plates spinning at the same time. On top of the usual demands that life places on me, I have a couple of mainstream books about to be published, which is of course good news, but the time I will need to take marketing them, plus the time I need to edit a further book means that I will not be able to find the time for anything like regular posts. It is surprising how time consuming it is to put something together plus finding the right images. 

All may not be lost however. If any existing erotic blogger or even a complete novice would like to take over the site I would be thrilled. That way it could continue, and if there was no objection I could make the odd guest posting from time to time when the muse hit me. 

 Let me say I am not taking this decision lightly. Running Sexuelle has been enormous fun and I will miss it, but as with everything in life, the time comes when one has to move on. PLEASE, if there is anyone out there who can keep it alive, please let me here from you. The best thing would be to send an e mail to lazy.liz@live .com and we can communicate from there. 

Could I must mention before I go in roughly a month Educating Anna will be available as an audio book so look out for it. (Hands free porn; what more could one ask for!) I do not have the details to hand, but will add them as soon as I have.

It only remains for me to give my love and thanks to my special readers (you know who you are) who have supported me with your feed back and wonderful comments. You have no idea how much I will miss you all.



  1. I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving the blogging world.



  2. L

    Yea - same here


  3. Oh I can't tell you what a Joy it was reading your blog, endlessly anticipating and checking, re checking for new postings on daily basis.

    I wish you success in whatever your new adventurs will be and looking forward to read your books.

  4. Liz, this was some of the saddest news I have heard in ages,however it came with a gleam of hope.

    I would like to not take your place, but perhaps temporarily fill it.

    I too had a blog that I started and had to abandon because of time a while ago. I would like you to take a look, and should you deem me worthy to hold your place as the best blog out there, if not the best website out there, I would be honored.

    It was

    Please take a look, and should you deem me worthy to not replace you but to hold your place until you can as you said make guest appearances, I would be honored to do so.

    I had to leave because of time, but now that I am done with school, I think I can at least make weekly posts if you give me the chance.

    You have set a bar so high that no one can reach, but I would consider it a privilege and an honor to at least try.

    Should you allow me, you need only send me your user name/pass and I will try to at least make an attempt to reach your quality on a weekly basis and since I will keep your name/password, you need only change it if I do not meet your standards.

    amber xxx

    1. Or of course if there is a way to set me up as a guest user, I would do so that way :)

  5. That is a shame Liz, I have got used to waking up in the morning and reading your most excellent blog.
    It really was a pleasure to read everything that you wrote and you must have spent hours trolling through the Internet for the pics to accompany those wonderful stories and thoughts.

    I have spent happy days reading your wonderful prose over the last 2 years since I found you.
    I wish you well in everything you do and wished that we could bump into one another somewhere and flirt outrageously.Ah, wishful thinking :)

    Best wishes for the future


  6. Like all good and naughty things there is an end but the fantasies of beautiful naughty ladies will always hold a special warm place over this naughty devil's knee! Thanks for the Spanks Liz! =;)

  7. Sorry to hear your leaving but wish you great success with your books.