Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sans Culottes

Some time back I wrote a piece about a day I had spent with boy friend wearing a long floaty summer dress, all very innocent looking to the world at large, but without any knickers on underneath.

For me that feeling of cool nudity under the thin cotton, and for him the awareness of how available I was had a similar effect and it made the two of us massively horny and having great problems keeping our hands off each other. I have some recollection of a moment’s privacy when he backed me against tree, pulled my dress up and planted his lips on my cleft. Even now the thought of it makes me wet. 

 I think it’s something to do with the erotic contradiction of it. When the two of you are naked for the purpose of having sex, then it’s all very straight forward, but if you’re are wearing say office clothes but you’ve left your knickers off along with your morals then the outside show is that you are a good and respectable girl with a job to do, but underneath you are a whore in desperate in need of punishment and penetration, and for the man in the know that’s dynamite.

But let’s take the stakes a fraction higher. Your knickerless state is a secret known to you alone, but from time to time you can find all sorts of teasing positions to light the fire of curiosity in his mind,

and then when you are ready you can just happen to bend or reach just that fraction more and all is revealed!

!f it’s to your established lover it’s excitement enough to blow his top,

but it’s too some dishy guy who till now has never laid a finger on you then we are in different territory again . 

 In either of these scenarios you can more or less guarantee that it’s going to end up with some pretty serious fucking, and whether it’s there and then or after some long simmering build up depends on all the other factors involved.

It can also mean that you might earn yourself a pretty thorough spanking as well. Whatever your relationship with the man in question, you have given him as perfect an excuse as he could ever hope for. “You little madam ! No knickers on ! I really aught to ……”

And the chances are that he will. What greater treat for him than taking you over his knee and easing up your skirt to reveal your delicious young bottom already bare and vulnerable and ripe to be spanked for your wickedness.

And after your spanking? Well we all know what happens to pretty girls after a spanking so little point in elaborating. But will you have learned your lesson? Of course you will. From now on you’ll be leaving your knickers off on a regular basis!

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  1. Oooh, such a cheeky post, and always a wonderful idea, It is very difficult to keep your hands off her knowing that she is naked under her dress, even more so if she is wearing stockings and suspenders. At least that has been my experience.