Thursday, 6 June 2013

uncontrollably delayed

I am afraid a proper post will have to be delayed hopefully only a couple more days.

See I have spent the last couple days in bed, and not the fun kind

but rather the stay home from work and sleep all the time kind

and Ii best be getting back to bed before i get spanked for being up and about
so i will be back soon, have a great weekend


  1. Thank you for posting when you're unwell but you probably do deserve a spanking for so doing!Get well soon!

    Sophie x


  2. A

    well overall of course do get well - all your 'fans' are thinking of you

    of course it may be that you are not really looking after yourself and how can you attend to our needs if you do not first think of yourself,it is not being selfish, so yes as soon as you are up and about we shall all be queuing up to give you your just desserts

    as for that last contribution 'nailing upon the head' etc what is that all about, it really could be addressed to anyone, about anything perhaps it's clever rhetoric . . .

    however again i'm catching up after some distant travels without internet access and gosh once again your imagination and clear practical experience has prompted some outrageous posts from you

    well this gives a chap a lot of ideas which I hope are shortly going to be appreciated - oh and don't forget the 'birching' post you promised . . .


  3. Thanks Sophie, and I agree, I should be spanked.

    Hey J. I do hope you had some fun adventures on your recent travels ;) Ah, that comment that said something nonsensical about nail on the top and all, was an example of automated spam. Meant nothing but was just to give out a website. It is what that annoying captcha thing was designed to keep out. But, I dont mind taking a few minutes every once in a while to delete them.

    Oh, the birching. I had not forgot it, I was just going to wait until we had tried it as well.