Thursday, 20 June 2013

Desperate times?

Perhaps so.

See, I thought for sure I would have gotten a spanking by now, but sadly not and my bottom remains an annoying shade of pale.

It hasn't been for lack of trying. I have not been a very good girl lately.

I have been wearing things a little shorter and tighter

made sure he saw me dressing

making sure to be adjusting my shoe just as he happened by to see me in this

or some other suggestive pose

gotten a little careless with the neckline or hemlines

things that would be getting my panties wet with anticipation because it would also usually stop what he is doing, get his pants tightening in reaction

and his hands itching to put me across his lap and give me a good spanking

But not these times and that has been frustrating.

See Mike just hasn't been up for our usual fun. He has been stressed out lately about still not finding permanent and legal work, worried about some expenses and says he just isn't in the mood.

Ironically, these are the things that getting a good spanking would set right (or at least help me put it out of my mind for a while) for me, but it just wont help him at all to do the spanking. Getting spanked provides me the relief from the things that are actually keeping him out of the mood to do the spanking.

I may not completely understand this, but I certainly will try hard not to pressure him into doing anything he just wouldn't be into. I want it to be as much fun for him as me.

Girls (and all those that get the spankings), do you run into this often? your mate just isn't in the mood at times? how have you successfully gotten him in the mood?

Those of you that do the spanking, do you find yourselves just not in the mood for any action? How have you dealt with it and what tips would you have to help us help you?


  1. So pleased that you're well again, Amber, but sorry about the lack of spankings. It sounds as though you've done almost everything a girl can do but you might try being really naughty and 'losing' his car keys when he's late for work or an appointment....
    Yes, a few good,hard smacks with the wooden spoon does wonders...but only temporarily!

  2. Well, I think I'm always in the mood! The problem is sometimes time but if you would be content, well not content but willing, to have a quick trip over the knee, knickers down and your arse warmed before a hurried departure then you should let that be known! Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, sophie. but it just isn't us, at least not anymore. I used to pull pranks and stuff, but he was put off and annoyed by it. I am sure he will come around soon.

    Thanks aristotle, I am not sure that is what I need. By now, something quick just wont do it I am afraid.