Thursday, 27 June 2013

Every Day Seems A Little Longer...

The last several days I have thought back over how things have been over the last years, and I have come to realize something that perhaps I (and maybe many of you) have taken for granted.

I became spoiled I guess would be the word, in that I just assumed I would get a spanking whenever I needed/wanted it. I guess this assumption came from that I always did. Whether my mood indicated it. Whether I teased my boyfriend enough. That we both love it as part of sex play too.

We have no neighbors to worry about noise or nudity over. We don't have any kids to worry about. We have a dresser full of spanking toys, several that he has made himself.

Spankings were always "there" to be had.

Mike not being in the mood has made me realize that this is not the case, for I remain unspanked.

It has also got me wondering about what it must be like for the one doing the spanking. I have realized, it must be a lot of work.

You guys (meaning that do the spanking), it really isn't as easy as just swinging your arm and connecting hand or other object to a willing ass is it? There is quite an onus on you to deliver the spanking that is needed, to know how it is needed, to make sure you give the amount that is needed, know when to stop. I mean you can't always get what you need to know by the reaction of the one being spanked. There are times when she/he may not even know themself, and it is up to you. And, as I have found out now, you have to be in the mood to do the spanking.

You all that do the spanking, what other things do you find yourself having to do? Am I right about it not being so easy and simple? Do any of you feel that sometimes you are taken for granted and that you will simply stop to give a spanking whenever the spankee feels or needs one?

Those of you that are the ones getting the spankings, do you too sometimes find that you expect your mate to spank you whenever you feel like you need or want one? That you take for granted that they will always be there to get?


  1. I have no idea if this is in any way like what goes on in your home, but I have tired of women who must act out like a two year old to earn a spanking. That gets real boring to me after awhile. I want to spank because it's a form of affection that turns us both on. She must be act as an adult outside of the bedroom.

  2. Some suggestions from the naughty devil department, try switching roles and if that doesn't help, flirt with other naughty devils to get caught.
    In switching roles, you're in control and if like this naughty devil, we all crave playful strict female attention while bent bare bottomed over your silky knees and forgiving loving affection after our well deserved and naughtyly earned blushing spankings. Does wonders for any unresolved issues or any grumpy moods that need clearing regardless of whose turn it is to be the spanker or spankee, by switching you please your partner both ways.
    As for the second suggestion, when catching my honey openly flirting with some other naughty devil, a swift trip home for an extended over the knee naughty girl spanking and lovemaking session is in order to remind my darling that when with me, this is the naughty devil who loves her and wants all her love in return and will not tolerate being an ignored second naughty devil.
    So here's to being adventurously naughty in both roles for happy blushing bottoms for all concerned.
    ND =;)

  3. Any luck so far? I do hope so....otherwise you will be displaying more and more of the symptoms of an unspanked naughty woman!

  4. OurBottomBurns, my boyfriend feels the same way that you do. Perhaps that should be a topic of discussion. The so called "bratting" done to provoke spankings.

    ND, thank you for the advice. I'm afraid it won't work as I have really no desire to switch roles. However those that do, would do well to read what you had to suggest. The open flirting with other men would be something I would have to think about.

    Sophie, sadly no luck yet, but I had some ideas about why and I hope I have come up with a plan for it ;)