Thursday, 13 June 2013

Do That To Me One More Time...

I re-discovered something that perhaps I had been taking for granted.

Well, maybe not ALL the time, but I am telling you, sick for over a week after it had been over a week since the last one, has made me realize just how much I really need it.

Once I was back on my feet the first thing I wanted was to be right off my feet and thrown across his lap for a damn good long spanking but it hasn't happened yet, but hopefully over this weekend.

I feel like I am going crazy. It is all I can think about. I look at the weirdest things and wonder what it would be like to be spanked with it. I would never act on it, but I am looking at every good looking guy and wondering about the strength of his arms and hands and how his thighs would feel underneath me. I jump at any sound that is even slightly similar to that of a hand or paddle meeting flesh. At work, when sitting down, without even thinking about it, I sometimes find myself squirming in my seat, almost like my bottom is remembering how good it feels like when it is hot and stingy from a good spanking. And the near constant arousal, I have taken to carrying a couple extra panties in my purse just in case.

This is the longest I have gone without a spanking since we started the act and I can tell you, this feels like real withdrawal. Sure most of it is of the mental nature rather than the physical shakes and sweats of drugs withdrawal, but it has left me in no doubt about it. I am addicted to spanking.

Do any of you believe you have an addiction to spanking? Do you find yourself going thru these withdrawallike symptoms if you have gone without for a while?

Those of you that do the spanking, do you feel like you are addicted to it? How does going without spanking for a while affect you?


  1. A

    ah, wondrous you are up and about - good

    interesting what you say about 'withdrawal symptoms' - I once sounded this out amongst my 'fans' and after some persuasion to a man well to a woman, its an expression you know, they all admitted well confessed to it

    this was to the extent that one actually positioned herself before a mirror, as she explained it, and with a paddle made vain attempt(ref Alice in Wonderland)to recreate the expression - alas of course not quite the real thing - so welcome back and I hope by now you have your just desserts - and not roly-poly pudding


  2. There was a time when I was a work-a-holic that I could forget about spanking for a week or so. No more. I need it.

  3. My palm itches and my eyes long for the sight of a female bottom arse over my knee waiting to receive its just desserts!

  4. Oh I am so sure that I am addicted! I too find myself squirming on my chair when I'm sitting at the computer and when I'm standing I suddenly realise that my hands have gone behind me and I'm holding or rubbing my cheeks through my skirt as though I've just been spanked! If it becomes too bad I have to get a wooden spoon out of the kitchen, pull my knickers down and give my bum a few good, hard smacks...

  5. I forgot to say that I'm glad you're feeling well again!

  6. Of course we all go through fantasy withdrawls especially as we impatiently await hearing of your latest happy bottom blushing adventure to warm our own naughty devil's hearts, palms and buns too! Now just put on your shortest teasing skirt and I'm sure a happy over the knee conclusion will be in your immediate future! ND =;)

  7. My wife does not spank me when I'm unwell. She then acts very motherly.

    Don't think, though, that this prevents her from taking her over her knees, pants down: see, if I'm unwell, I need my temperature taken, or worse...

  8. Sadly J, I have gotten nothing yet, not even roly-poly pudding for which I thank you for teaching me a new slang term.

    OurBottomBurns, I hear you. And it seems a shorter and shorter time as time goes by doesnt it?

    Welcome Aristotle, and let us hope you can get some relief soon for that pesky itch ;)

    Thank you sophie, I am better now :) and welcome. Your participation is much needed and appreciated. And you made me laugh as I forgot about that unknowing cheek holding/rubbing symptom. Do the self spoon smacks hold you over for a while?

    I, tried ND. No luck yet, hopefully soon.

    Welcome pecan nutjob. ok you got me too curious and I simply have to ask even though I am not sure I should, but what do you mean by "or worse"?