Friday, 26 July 2013

Can You Tell Me Where It Hurts

I feel a bit sorry for dentists. Like all doctors, they have a sense of "calling". A devotion to helping people usually from a pretty young age, and then they incur massive debt spending 19, 20 years in school.

And then after all that work, the dentist becomes one of the most hated people. No one wants to go to the dentist. It is never without pain as even a cleaning hurts some. Then there is that long needle and then when the novocaine wears off, more pain.

I bring this up as I have what I fear to be an abscessed tooth and have been in terrible pain and have not slept or ate

Now I have not said this to get sympathy, it is to bring up what I want to touch on here postponing the other subjects that I will get back to I promise, it is just this is happening now.

That is that when all else failed such as over the counter (store bought, in case that term is not used elsewhere, heat/cold/ and other stuff, we tried spanking.

No foreplay, no roleplay, no play at all. Just a long long very intense spanking with just about anything that can be used comfortably, at least for him, over his lap.

And I am here to tell you, It works. What may seem counter-intuitive at first, that of a very hot stinging, spanking alleviating the much different more pain from the toothache.

Neither of us felt like sex after which has been almost always the result of any spanking action. I found I was a little aroused but it was not the urgency or degree of arousal that is usual. All I felt like was getting a long much needed sleep. And I did.

Spanking really does work to alleviate other pain.

Have any of you tried spanking as a source of pain relief? Did it work for you? Do you think you might try it?


  1. I have tried spanking as a source of pain relief but not for the relief of physical pain which is what you're talking about I think. Certainly spanking works for emotional and mental pain, I do know that! If I'm due a spanking at the end of a very stressful work day my stress levels are down to zero by the time I've received my comeuppance. Of course I have a sore bottom but it serotonin? in my bloodstream to last me the rest of the evening. For some strange reason I've never tried it for a physical pain but will do so as soon as! Hope your abcess is soon dealt with.

    Janice xx

  2. I'm very lucky to have only encountered handsome dentists.
    I remember being young and straining through the bright lights to gawk at the face of my dentist's eyes crinkling sweetly with laughter from a wayward drop of water attacking them. I also remember him having a soothing, baritone voice...
    I don't think I would mind being over his lap if he would talk to me the whole time :P Oh, I'd surely say, "Aah~" for him x3
    It is understandable how spanking may relieve such pain.
    We tend to distract ourselves sometimes by enacting a different kind of pain on our person, whether mentally or physically... Is it masochistic if the pain is pleasurable, then?

  3. Janice, you have me thinking now as I have never tried spanking as a source of emotional/mental pain relief. So I too will probably give that a try now next time :)

    Neri, your experience with the dentist made me smile. Our minds do take funny turns in the oddest times don't they ;) That is a very interesting thought about replacing pain with pain, and one I think should be considered.