Friday, 12 July 2013

Im So Dizzy My Head Is Spinning

My boyfriend was probably anticipating a quiet birthday night with just the 2 of us on the 8th. With me cooking a favorite meal of his, taking his birthday spanking, some good sex. Which is what it has been in the past. But, I have convinced him that we should celebrate tonight giving the reason that tomorrow we don't have to be up early for work. He has no idea that it is because of a surprise I have planned for him that I talked about in the last post.

For me though, the anticipation of waiting is driving me crazy. If I thought I was going nuts from withdrawal, it isn't anything compared to the knowing (well, I am almost completely positive) that there will finally be some action and knowing when too.

Perhaps it is because this is the longest I have done without that is making it so nerve wracking. What I do know is that I have been going crazy the last couple days knowing what I am hoping is coming tonight.

I have been making mistakes at the chalkboard, been caught several times squirming in my chair (I can only imagine what the students think, probably that I have to pee), I have been so distracted and so very horny.

How do you deal with anticipation, knowing what is coming. Is it as distracting for you or have you able to have a oh well, nothing I can do about it anyways, attitude? Do you find that time since last spanking is a factor or does that really matter?

Those of you that do the spanking. What kind of anticipation do you go thru knowing that say on a given night, you will be giving some naughty minx a a spanking? Is it as distracting to you during the days ahead?

What I do know is that my hands are almost trembling typing this, knowing that in about 9 or so hours, what I have to look forward to. I am fidgeting like crazy and so aroused and I feel like all of the other teachers are staring at me here in the faculty lounge and knowing my secret.


  1. Although the thought of being dominated is very arousing to me, I've never really enjoyed spanking.

    I suppose in a way I think about the times my parents would discipline me that way so I would get EXTREMELY uncomfortable with the idea of a partner employing the same act.

    So I wonder if you have any such disconcerting pasts with some type of sexual play? Your posts have been very amusing, but I still can't warm up to the idea of being spanked. I know my loved one wants to do more than just fondle my ass, but for now he'll have to bear the vicious threats of clawing his veins out.


  2. I would say that when I am going to give a spanking I am as distracted about it as the lass who be getting the spanking. Anticipation works on both sides of the fence.

  3. I am certainly distracted and like you think that every other woman in the professional education team that I manage must know what is going on in my well as the tingling in my bottom! But that's nothing to the embarrassment I feel when I'm spanked before work and I imagine that the other women are watching my every move, especially when I sit down gingerly!

  4. Anonymous, your thoughts made me want to write the new post and I urge you to consider it. At the moment, I do have limits/boundaries to things I do not want to try, but they were not because of anything previous sexual acts.

    OurBottomsBurn, I thought as much. It is nice to know we arent the only ones ;)

    janice, you so have that right! There is nothing like a prework spanking to make the day interesting.