Friday, 11 November 2011

The adventures of Lotty

Hi Wendy! Yes it's me, Lotty. How are things? Great. Me? Oh fine. Yes I’ve got myself a job at last! Honestly! It's in one of those gentlemen's clubs, you know right in the middle of the poshest bit of Mayfair. All dark wood and bookshelves which is a bit of a laugh when you think about it as I never pick up a book from one year's end to the other.

You should have seen the woman who interviewed me. Strict or what! Quite terrifying in her own way, but sort of smiling at me as if she found the whole thing funny. I was sort of frightened of her and fancied her at the same time

"You'll have to wear a uniform." She said, looking me up and down. Black dress, white pinny . Do you have a problem with dressing like that?"

But in fact I quite liked the idea, little me all dressed up like a French maid with my suspenders showing when I leaned over to dust something.

I didn't think it would actually be like that, but then she told me that the men here were very old fashioned and correct and that I'd have to wear proper stockings and suddenly I thought that this could turn out to be a right old laugh one way and another.

"OK, then," She said, "I need to get a proper look at you. Can you take your clothes off so I can size you up."

Now I was about to say that this was a bit much, but then I thought that I'd better go along with it or I won't get the job, so I stripped to my frillys and let her take a good look at me.

She took her time about it, looking at me and a lot of the time she was using her hands as well as her eyes if you get my meaning, and then said that I seemed to fit the bill very nicely, but to measure me properly for my uniform I had to take EVERYTHING off! Honestly! So in for a penny in for a pound so I took the lot off and stood there with my hands on my head and let her get really good eyeful.

Well, I don’t like to be boastful but I do have a nice bod and no boy who has ever seen me in the buff has ever complained so I took it for granted she would like it too, and clearly she did. This time her hands were all over me but it was worth it as after a good few minutes of this she said I'd go the job!

You still there, Wendy? Good! So where was I? Oh yes. I'd got the job and this manageress woman told me to go and have a bath, get changed and then meet her in the reading room.

So half an hour later, there I was, having a good old soak, and all covered in suds and really enjoying it and not wanting to get out of the bath at all.

I was even wondering if I dared, well you know what all do in the bath, and don't tell me you don't 'cos I caught you doing it once, but anyway suddenly the door opened and this old boy was standing there and staring at me with a smile on his face like you'd never believe.

"Gosh!" He said staring at my tits like a kid looking at a giant ice cream. "You're the new maid are you? Good stuff! I'll go and tell the others!" And off he went.

Honestly! I’d forgot to lock the door, soppy date, so I got out of the bath like greased lightening, put a chair against the door and got dressed as fast as I could. With hindsight I would probably have been better off if I'd left the door wide open and just stayed in the bath! No, honesty!. You won’t believe what I’m going to tell you!.

So I met with the boss woman upstairs and she showed me round and honestly the place was just full of posh old men, and fair enough a lot of them were a bit fossilised but not all of them and some of them weren't at all bad. And then she said to go into the small anti room next to the main library where someone she called The Major spent his time. "He doesn't like the cold." She said. "Especially in the evenings so he likes something warm over his knees. Go and tell him that l sent you. "

So I went in and there was this man sitting in a big leather chair looking up at me as if he was expecting me and he had that sort of gleam in his eye that I’d seen in men before and normally meant trouble. There was a blanket over the arm of his chair so I went over thinking that would be what he wanted.

"Good evening, Sir” I said. “I'm Lotty. The manger said that you liked having something over your knees in the evening so she sent me in to you.” And I reached forward to get the blanket but he next thing he’d grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me forward and the next thing, forget the blanket, it was me he’d got over his knee!

“And a prime candidate for it!” He said rubbing his hand all over my bottom and giving it a really good feel. “What a perfect little morsel for a good spanking!” And his hand was right up underneath my skirt now and inside my panties!

“Let me go you dirty old man!” I screamed. “Just let me go will you!” And I was struggling for all I was worth, but old or not he was still too strong for me and I just couldn’t get away.

“Oh I just love it when you little minxes play hard to get!” And the next thing he was pulling my knickers down! Honestly! Can you believe it? I’d been in the job barely a few minutes and her I was over a man’s knee with my knickers down.

“I’ll report you!” I screamed. “I’ll ... “ But I didn’t say a lot more as then he was spanking me for all he was worth and all I could do was to thresh and scream and struggle till I simply didn’t know what I was going to do. I’d just go to the point where I thought that my bottom would catch fire when the manageress suddenly appeared.

“I think that’s enough don’t you, Major” She said as if she’d caught him eating too much pud and not giving a young girl he’d only met a second before a good spanking on her bare bottom.“ Just put Lotty down will you. She’s got other people in the club to deal with, not just you.” And she took me out of the room as if nothing odd had happened at all.

“Can you go and help Lord Fotherington in the smoking room. He can’t find where he’s put his special bottle of port.“

And that was it and all I could do was to pull my knickers back up and stagger along behind her. Anyway, after what had just happened I thought everything else here had to be a doddle, and at least for the next ten minutes or so it was. It seemed that Lord Fotherington was convinced he’d left his port on one of the high shelves and I’ll give him credit for being a real gentleman about it. He insisted on moving the ladder for me himself, and each time I went up it he made a point of standing underneath and holding it steady.

Now I suppose I should have suspected something as after we’d done this a few times he said how grateful he was to me and that having just had a good look up my skirt he was feeling good and frisky and would I come to his bedroom as he was going to have a wank and maybe I’d like to give him a hand!

So I did give him a hand, good and hard right across his chops Honestly I was so cross! He didn't seem to mind, in fact his face lit right up, but the next thing this man suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"I'm the club steward.” He said, all self important. “And I won't have a junior member of staff assaulting one of our members. Go and wait for me in your room!"

So what could I do? I didn’t want to lose the job so I went back to my room and just lay down on the bed waiting till he came.

I knew that he would want to punish me, and judging from what an archaic place this was I could guess what form that would take. As soon as he came back I would be in for another spanking and no doubt it would be a thorough one.

So I thought, OK, I won’t fight it, and I took most of my kit off and then bent over the bed with my knickers down all ready.

No. I’m not daft! I thought that if he saw that I was ready to accept being punished he would probably be a bit more lenient. And anyway, I waited and waited and nothing happened and then suddenly I heard the door open and there he was behind me.

"Well!” He said. “I was going to spank you, but maybe it can wait for a while ....."

And the next thing, well you can guess can't you. Instead of a spanking he gave me a right old seeing to! Good and thorough it was to!

When he’d finally done with me he said that I was still due a spanking but it would have to wait till later in the week when he could take his time over it!

What? Am I going to stay on here? You bet I am! I love it!


  1. Liz,

    Love this story Liz. Steamy hot and erotic. Wow.

    I am sure that a good girl like you would never have stayed on in a place like this. :-;


  2. Yes, great story Liz and some great pics too. Maids rock!

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