Sunday, 20 November 2011

Just Reading, part three (See previous posts)

So where was I? Oh, yes I was telling you about this book I’ve been reading about a young girl called Emily. If you missed the first two sections, just go back to them to see what is happening with her. The only problem is , if you’re a naughty girl like me, by the time you get half way through , you might find that involuntarily that your hand has found itself inside your knickers. If that’s the case, enjoy it while you can, but make sure your boyfriend doesn’t catch you!

So anyway, having been both punished and pleasured by the woman who owned the hotel, Emily was feeling very confused about a lot of things, and during her working day while she sat at the big kitchen table downstairs she wondered what it is she really wanted.

There was no question that being punished by the woman had excited her,

But then she also loved it when the men paid her special attention.

On top of all this were her confused feelings for that beautiful man she had found in his room.

What was it she really wanted, and could it be that it was girls that she really preferred? She had often found herself looking at another girl who worked in the hotel, a girl called Wendy who looked dreamy and distant, so maybe she should make an effort to find out where her feelings really were.

She made a point of paying her a visit in her room and talking to her about the men and the things they did to keep them happy.

“Do they kiss you and fondle you?” asked Emily. “You know, like this.”

And to make her question quite clear she kissed and fondled Wendy who seemed surprised but kissed her back with a quiet dreamy pleasure, so Emily took things a little further. “And do they do things like undressing you and licking your middle and then…….”

And she showed Wendy what she meant and before they knew it they were both slipping each others clothes off and doing to each other the sort of things the men did to them.

“And do they…..?” And now Emily was quite excited as she knew exactly what it was she wanted to do to Wendy. “And when you make mistakes, do they spank you?”

“Spank me!” Said Wendy her eyes huge and surprised. “No, they never spank me.”

“So have you never been spanked?” Asked Emily knowing exactly where she was taking this.

“Never!” said Wendy, who could now see what Emily was planning to do to her and not quite sure how she felt about it.

“Well,” Said Emily. “You’ll never be able to say that again.” And finding a convenient chair she took Wendy over her knee. Wendy hardly struggled at all and let out the little mews of protest that told Emily everything that she wanted to know, and after taking her time to caress Wendy’s lovely young bottom she took down her knickers.

“Are you ready?” She said, “Are you ready for your first ever spanking?”

And it seemed that Wendy was, so Emily spanked her delectable bare bottom, revelling in each little stinging slap and Wendy’s jerks and gasps.

Building up a quiet steady rhythm she spanked her just enough to let her know how it was both painful and exciting at the same time, knowing from the sweet sounds she was emitting that she was enjoying every moment of her punishment.

But whatever effect it was having on Wendy, it was having the strangest effect on Emily. Exited as she was by what she was doing, the more she spanked Wendy the more she knew she simply had to go and see the beautiful man shed been thinking about for days.


“I think I’ve been neglecting you.” She said when he opened his door to find he standing there in a blouse designed to remind him what beautiful lush breasts she had. “And I’ve come to make it up to you.” And the next thing they were kissing and it felt good and Emily knew that whatever else she wanted she wanted this as well.

“Yes, you have been neglecting me.” He said after a while. “Do you know what the punishment is for young girls who neglect the men they are supposed to be looking after?”

“No, Sir. “ She answered, her heart beginning to thump in her chest. ”But I suppose you are going to show me.”

“I most certainly am!” He said and turned the key in the lock of his door. “And I’m really looking forward to it.”

(To be continued……)

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  1. Thank you for another very erotic post. I am really enjoying the series. Cheers.