Sunday, 13 November 2011

Just Reading......

I’ve been reading this wonderful book. It’s all about a young girl called Emily who had been sent to a strict boarding school by her parents and then never taken away again. The teachers didn’t like having her there all the time so she was given all the menial jobs like picking up the other girl’s books

and however hard she worked, she was always getting spanked.

So she decided to run away. But once outside she didn’t know what to do and just waited by the side of the road and wondered what would happen to her.

And then a strange and mysterious lady appeared and asked her what was wrong.

Emily told her and the lady said she should come and live and work with her.

She took her to a very glamorous and remote house and told Emily all about the way she lived.

She said her house was rather like a hotel except that all her boarders were men who were tired and needed a break from their demanding lives and needed a little spoiling. If Emily wanted to stay here it would be her job to entertain them and to keep them happy.

Emily liked the idea of making people happy and was determined to do well, and she liked the idea of spending time with men as having been at boarding school she had never met one before. It was true that she hadn’t any first hand experience, but one of the girls at school had a big collection of naughty books, all of which Emily had read so she was sure she had a good idea what made men happy and was keen to find out if she was right. She had spent many a long hour fantasizing about the things that men and women could do together and this was her big chance to try them out for herself.

So starting the next day she made herself indispensable. She would help the men to get out of bed in the mornings.

If necessary she would helped them to get washed.

She kept them amused by playing games like blind man’s buff,

Or hide and seek,

And even gave them art classes!

She proved to be very popular and the men showed their appreciation in lots of different ways which she really enjoyed!

But, strange as it may seem, having always been used to being punished she rather missed it, and so from time to time, in the privacy of one of the rooms she would punish herself.

It wasn’t the same though, so she started to make a point of making mistakes and it worked. Suddenly she found herself getting spanked on a regular basis.
Sometimes over the bed,

Sometimes over a chair,

But mostly over the knee with her knickers down while they told her what a naughty girl she was.

She liked it best of all this way which she found strangely exciting, and the nice thing was that after they’d given her a spanking, the men were even nicer to her than before.

And then one day………

(To be continued)

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  1. Looking forward to the next post. Very hot story.