Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Just Reading...(Part Two) See previous post

…....And then one day, expecting it to be empty she went into one of the men's rooms to tidy things up there, only to find the man in bed with his eyes half closed and his hand on his member. It was big and stiff and quivering with excitement.

“Oh!” She said, rather surprised.

“Oh!” He said looking up at her. “I was just thinking about you!” And not knowing what to say she backed out of his room as fast as she could.

“Maybe he likes me!” She thought, and not being experienced in being liked in this way she found herself feeling very confused. So after this she avoided going anywhere near his room, but she thought about him all the time.

She thought about him when she was dusting,

She thought about him when she was supposed to be cleaning,

and she especially thought about him when she had the odd quite moment to herself when she could just lie around.

She even took time to kiss herself in the mirror, imagining that it was his lips on hers rather than just the cold glass.

Not surprisingly her work suffered, and the woman who owned the hotel took her to one side.

“I'm very disappointed in you.” She said. “You had such promise when you started, but now you are making mistakes all the time. What am I going to have to do with you?”

“Punish me.” Said Emily, suddenly realising that being punished might be just what she needed to exorcise all these strange feelings that seemed to be coursing through her. “Punish me very thoroughly.”

“Strange!” Said the woman. “That's exactly what I was planning to do!”

And she took Emily to a private room, stripped her naked and then took her over her knee. “Have you ever been spanked before she asked, not knowing that these days the men were always finding excuses put Emily across their knee, and Emily had no choice but to tell her that, yes, she had been spanked time and again.

“Interesting!” Said the woman, stroking her hand up and down the back of Emily's thighs and making her squirm with pleasure. “I do hope that you're not the sort of wicked girl who enjoys it.” But then she stroked Emily some more, even running her fingers up and between that secret place at the very top so Emily found herself gasping with arousal. When the woman saw what was happening she continued caressing Emily till she was was just at the point of exploding with pleasure, but then the woman stopped.

“Right!” She said. “That was a little interim punishment, being denied what you thought you were going to get. But your real punishment will be later. Report to me at six for a proper spanking, and then there will be no messing about!”

And there wasn't any messing about! At six o'clock that evening the woman took down Emily's knickers and soundly spanked her,

then spanked her again,

and then spanked her one more time to get her point across.

But when she finished she was nice to Emily in ways that Emily didn't even know existed and left her feeling very confused about how she felt about the woman, or herself, and and and of course about the man she had surprised in his room.

To be continued.....


  1. L

    yes i've been away travelling and adventuring and then on the return, jetlagged and dazed, there is YOU

    as ever engorged on the catch-up content i'm amazed at your stamina, imagination and sheer erotic versatility

    i shall now go and lie down . . . er, thanks


  2. Elizabeth Forster19 November 2011 at 12:42

    Dear J,

    So glad I make you happy, even though these days I can barely find time to breath with overlapping and conflicting duties.

    Keep your eyes peeled. I have a couple more sections of this story to post, and something else that is taking shape in my head at at the same time.

    I'm not saying that I'm a great fan of Anne Widdicombe, (even if an older friend of mine went to school with her) But when she said in an interview a while ago that there simply is never enough time I did let out a cheer of agreement. As the Evita song goes, "Oh what I'd give for a hundred years, but the physical interferes......