Saturday, 26 November 2011

Just Reading (Cont.) See previous sections

Oh there you are! Sorry, didn’t notice! I’m so enjoying this book I was telling you about . If you’ve missed the first bits, before you read any more, just scroll back to them.

Anyway, Emily was now in the man’s room and he’d told her he would have to punish her for neglecting him, and because of all the things that had happened to her over the last few months the idea of being punished, particularly by a gorgeous man like him was something that made her feel all melty inside.

“Punish me?” She asked looking at him with big innocent eyes. ”What have you got in mind?”

“Well, let me tell you. “ He said, and he sat her on his lap so he could whisper to her as he told her, his hand just inside her panties just the way she often did to herself when thinking about such things

“The most usual punishment for naughty girls,” The man said, gently stroking a finger just inside her and making her squirm. “Is a good spanking.”

“A spanking?” She answered, dwelling on the word. “You mean putting me across you knee, the way schoolgirls are spanked.”

“Exactly.” He said. “And of course taking down your knickers.”!

“I see!” She said getting more aroused by the second, and then to prolong this moment and to help feed similar thoughts into his mind . “I’ve still got my school uniform. Would you like me to dress up in it?” And there was a pause as both of them visualized her this way.

“Not……” He said. “Not right now. Maybe the next time. “ Making it clear to her that there would be a next time and that who knows what might happen then.

And then they kissed again, and then she found that she had lost some of her clothes, and then she found herself over his knee which is where all this hadd been leading them, and while she moaned and mewed he spanked and spanked her bare bottom till a fire was burning there that was getting out of control.

“Please!” She called out. “Please…..”

And then it was quite different, and of course by now they both had fires burning which they took turns to fan into even greater heat before they put them out.

For the time being at least.

Back in her room Emily sat on her bed and thought about what it was she really wanted.

Being spanked and pleasured by the man was wonderful, but then so was being punished by the mysterious woman whose name even now she did not know.

But then again, taking giving young Wendy over her knee had been massively exciting,

As was all the things that had lead up to it.

And that was leaving aside the pleasure of having different men in the hotel simply letting her know how much they liked having her there.

And then she knew the answer. She wanted it all, and there was no reason at all why she should not have it. Stretching out on the bed she realized something else. Having pleasure with herself while she though about it was arguably the best thing of all.

And that was what she did!

Wasn’t that a brilliant story! Why can’t I write books like that?

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