Monday, 16 January 2012

Dear Phillida......

Dear Phillida,

Hope things are all Ok with you. I’m fine I suppose but I’m still having problems living with my cousin Annabel. Basically she’s very nice, but she’s a lot older than me and keeps telling me that she’s taking me under her wing and looking after my welfare and interests .

What that means in practice is that every night before we go to bed she spanks me. Yes honestly! The real thing, over her knee with my knickers down.

“If you behave like a child, “ She keeps telling me, I’m going to treat you like one.”

I’ll tell you what it’s about. It’s all to do with my not holding down a job. I’ve tried honestly, but things just keep going wrong. I went the conventional route at first and started as a nurse. You know how I like being nice to people and trying to make them feel better. Well it seems I tried a bit too hard to cheer some of the men up!

Apparently all I did was to raise their blood pressure to dangerous levels, so after an in depth discussion with Matron I decided to leave.

So I thought I’d try being a secretary. Couldn’t be that difficult, and I thought that provided I looked the part and kept the boss happy, then that was the main thing. And he did say that I certainly looked the part which meant that he spent lots of time looking me over, and I could see I was clearly making him happy.

He was very nice to me, no doubt about it,

so in turn I tried to be extra nice to him,

and things were going along swimmingly till he actually got round to looking at my work and it seemed that it was full of mistakes!

He had a bit of a word with me about it

and so I decided to leave.

Being prepared to have go at anything I even tried working on a building site, and they were all pleased to have girl working with them and they had me up and down ladders all day

But then the heath and safety man paid a visit and said I was a distraction and I had to go!

I got a bit depressed t this point. “Sod it!” I thought. I’ve had enough of working. I’m going to become a nun. And I did! Yes honestly! But sitting round praying all day gets a bit boring after a while, so when the local priest came to visit I was so pleased for a bit of distraction. “Make him feel welcome!” The Mother Superior said to me. “Make him feel welcome child.”

So OK, maybe I did make him feel a bit too welcome, but I’m only human after all!

So once the Mother Superior expressed her views to me about that, I was back out in the world again!

So then I thought, what is it I really like doing? Dressing up in gorgeous lingerie and looking sexy. And let’s be honest, I do have a good figure, so I got a job as a photographer’s model. Great! All I had to do was to pose and pout and he took pictures of me.

Pictures of me in corsets,

Pictures of me in stockings and suspenders,

Pictures of me looking a bit kinky,

And sometimes pictures of me in nothing at all!

It was dead easy, but the trouble was when I’d got myself all togged up I looked so sexy that I spent lots of time just looking at myself in the mirror

And some times I got a bit carried away.!

Of course he caught me at it and it seemed I had to accept a spanking from him or lose my job. Well just between ourselves he was rather gorgeous and the idea of being over his knee really turned me on, so I gave him one of those looks of mine and said that if I had to be spanked, I suppose I would have to accept it. So then next thing I’m having my bottom smacked and he’s telling me what a naughty girl I am,

and well you know how it is, one thing lead to another and the next thing we were at it!.

No problem there, but the next day I turned up early to find him giving himself a hand job over some photographs, not of me but some other little baggage he’s been taking pictures of! Men really!

So I walked out. And last night, you can guess what happened. Yes, Annabel wanted to know how my job was going, and without going into detail I told her I’d walked out, so how did I end up? You know what I’m going to say don’t you. Exactly, across her knee again with my knickers down!

But just between you and me, I think I’m beginning to enjoy it!

Love, Sarah

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    strewth and gawd . . . you Deserve much moRe in response to such a posting - but strewth and gawd

    well, give a chap a chance and i may have strength to tap out something more constuctively critical as you do need regular 'musing' (such a word i wonder . . .)later