Sunday, 1 January 2012

F**k, Sh*t, and Bu**er!

Having been away for Christmas and still managed to turn out a handful of posts, I'm now back and find my computer needs intensive care and that it could take a little while.

I'm no techno-head so for years now I've been perfectly happy using a device that starts with a wind-up handle and runs on coal, but even so it's quite a good one and sweet old fashioned girl that I am I thought it still had a good fifteen or twenty years of trouble free life left. Maybe this is where I have to start growing up for real and accepting that being disillusioned is a fact of life one has to learn to live with. That being the case I‘ll try and be brave, but if I have to replace it I will really miss polishing up those lovely brass fittings!

What all this is leading to however is that there could easily be a few days before my next post. Really sorry! Not a great start to the New Year, but otherwise I’m quite happy with it so I’ll give it a bit of a chance .

Will be back at the first possible opportunity.


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  1. Oh sorry to hear that Liz, far be it for me to take advantage of the situation (much!! )but I could always trade spanks for computer repairs :) xx