Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Take a girl.....

If you take a girl with a cute face,

And an even cuter bottom,

Who has a cute boss,

And they work together in close proximation

It’s quite likely that, maybe even unconsciously, she will do something to increase the tension between them,

So that before you know it there is, shall we say, an incident.

However much the two of them will try and pretend that it did not happen , it is more than likely that it will occupy both of their minds when they are on their own, little suspecting that the other having similar thoughts.

Let’s hope for both their sakes that they can find ways to mutually help each other make the most of these incendiary thoughts.

Because after all, then they would be able to really start to enjoy themselves!

And think of the money they would save in hot water and soap!


  1. Very cute and erotic post Liz. Thanks.


  2. L

    ah that's amazing - girls don't think like that or, er, do they . . .