Saturday, 14 January 2012

Take two naughty girls.....

If two girls spend lots of time together, wearing similar clothes and wickedly enjoying the effect they have on the men who pass them in the streets

It is likely that they also spend a lot of private time alone together, easy in each other’s company and dressing and undressing without any inhibition.

This tends to lead to a pleasurable intimacy growing between them,

So that after a while they have an urge to share secrets, including of course their private fantasies. Before long they are playing dressing up games together and enjoying innocent role play.

These games become a little more serious each time as they gradually learn what each other likes, and as they both acknowledge that their current naughtiness justifies a good spanking, how convenient that they can each punish the other?

But pain and pleasure being so closely linked, before long their games lead to some shy mutual touching, their bodies glowing with the feel of the others fingertips on their most sensitive and intimate places,

and of course, now they are experiencing their first sweet kisses.

Where else can things go from here but tumbled sheets and the mingling of fluids as they arch and mew with each new experience?

But of course, they will eventually get caught. It has to happen.

Quite possibly this is what they secretly wanted , as now there is the excitement of taking the consequences.

Painful though this might prove to be

And if, heaven forbid, both of their lovers get involved they might have to suffer the humiliation of being spanked in each other presence like naughty children.

But no worries. After punishment, pleasure is never far behind, and with two girls like this, this can be shared as well.

And why not!


  1. Indeed! Why not?

    Very hot Liz,


  2. I believe in large hand across two bare cheeks...As usual your standards are high...and your knickers off...never change...or you will regret it....keep your bottom up and your humor higher.

  3. Thank you Mike. Sorry not to have replied until now, but life a little full at the moment.

    And yes, I will try and keep my standards high.