Wednesday, 4 January 2012

"What's the punishment....."

Arguably the most exciting words in the language are “What's the punishment for a girl who....” however this inflammatory sentence might then finish. Once it has been said then both parties know that they are in for a pretty serious treat of one sort or another.

And if her confession is along he lines of “I came for the weekend but forget to bring any underwear.” then the erotic potential is even higher.

Whatever her sin or omission, when she stands in front of him, her eyes limpid with innocence and promise and asks that simple question, then almost anything can happen. It is an invitation to visit on her whatever sexual humiliation he feels like, and it is interesting to see what he does feel like when given such opportunity.

It could include the slow burn of spending the rest of the day in her shortest skirt, naturally minus panties, her every move an eye watering tease as she goes about her daily business, her heart racing as she leans and stretches,

or possibly she will be forced to wait an age for his punitive visit, her naked body bent over in anticipation for whatever he has in mind.

Should he have certain tenancies she might find herself corseted and tethered wondering if she really should have started this game which is now hardly a game at all, and hoping she will be able to cope with the next stages,

and equally a trip to the schoolroom for an appointment with the headmaster could be her fate, giggling provocatively as he admires her out thrust bottom he is about to anoint with his singing cane.

But most likely he will tell her with honeyed glee that she has earned herself a spanking which then opens up, a whole new game for the two of them to play.

“Not a spanking!” She will say, her eyes wide with anticipation. “Not actually put me across your knee like a naughty girl!” And suddenly she appreciates exactly what she has let herself in for, visualizing herself in that most humiliating of positions for a grown up girl .

“But that's exactly what you are!” He tells her, and before she knows it he has her positioned as he wants, struggling ineffectually against his superior strength.

“But,'re not going to …?”

“To take your knickers down?” He replies knowing what she was going to say. “Most certainly I am!” And already he has her bottom bared in readiness. She has surrendered the the moral high ground to him and he is going to enjoy every second of it, just as she will though in an entirely different way.

And when he has finally spanked her to his satisfaction which of course takes a while and is accompanied by the most delicious squealing and gasping from her he has ever heard,

then things will move on to their logical conclusion.

Until the next time of course!


  1. Wow! I really love the way you weave a wonderfully erotic story around some very hot and suggestive pictures.

    Terrific post Liz.


  2. L

    whenever i start on one of your adventures i think - no outrageous where is she going, as with this your latest then the words yes, yes, come to mind

    you are outrageous