Thursday, 1 March 2012

Putting you out of your misery (At last!) (See previous two posts.)

OK! OK! I know I’m a bad girl in leaving you all hanging and wondering what happened next! I’m sorry but there’s only so may hours in the day and I really try to do my best for you. Honest.

So where had I left Sophie and Emily? That’s right, they had got themselves jobs as maids in a strange house occupied by the owner and his brother, his strict wife who they had yet to meet, and their two sons. My goodness if there was ever a recipe for every sort of trouble that two pretty young girls could get themselves into this has to be it. Working as maids, I ask you! Little more than bed fodder in stockings, but you know about that better than I do.

Well credit where credit is due, they did their best at the job but never having worked for their living before they did tend to loose concentration from time to time, and while Sophie was quietly bent over and occupied with some dusting and even humming a little tune to herself as she did so,

she was surprised to realise that someone was behind her. The next thing she knew, with one quick and practiced jerk her dress had been whipped off her and she was being given a thorough in depth investigation by someone she couldn’t see but who with the benefit of her A level in biology she guessed was male .

“How do you do?” Said young male voice. “Allow me to introduce myself, I’m …..” But he didn’t quite finish what he started to say as by now he had introduced himself a good six or eight inches and the two of them were too busy groaning to speak. After a quiet interval he tried again. “As I started to say, I’m Daniel”

“And I’m Sophie” Sophie replied. “I’m the new maid along with my friend Emily”

“Wow!” Daniel said “So there’s two of you. Good show!” My brother Charles will be thrilled. It’s always nice to initiate two maids at the same time”

“What do you mean initiate….?” Sophie started to ask, but at that moment Emily appeared through one door as another young man she assumed had to be Charles appeared through the other, and before she knew it, their joint initiation was proceeding at a pace.

“Ahhh!!!!!” Said Emily groaning with pleasure.

“Ooohhhh!!!!” Said Sophie gasping with ecstasy.

“What the devils going on here?” Said the owner, fizzing with anger as he suddenly walked in. “You two! In my study in five minutes. My brother and I will sort you out!”

“The thing is,” Emily tried to say, but it’s not easy to give an explanation when you’re pinioned over a man’s knee, particularly when you are eyeball to eyeball with your best friend in a similar position. “The thing is, you said that you were very easy going….”

“I am.” Said the owner pulling down her knickers and giving her bare bottom a thorough fondle. “But there are limits, and it’s not part of your job to have sex with my sons.”

“Exactly!” Said his brother taking Sophie’s knickers right off. “If you’re going to have sex with anyone it’s with us, and to get the lesson across…..”

“We’re going to give you both a very thorough spanking.” His brother finished for him.

Now both girls had got used to being spanked at school but hadn’t expected it as grown up girls with proper jobs so they weren’t too sure about finding themselves being punished this way so as their punishment got into its stride they wriggled and struggled and squealed and howled but it didn’t seem to make any difference and the two men spanked their two bare bottoms with real gusto till suddenly they were rescued, or so they thought, by a fierce female voice

“What the devil’s going in here?” It said, and out of nowhere they weren’t being spanked any more and it was rather wonderful to have a breathing space.

“We’re just giving the new maids a spanking.” The owner said in what has to be admitted was a very humble and quiet voice. “You see we found them corrupting our sons.”

“Not my boys!” Said the woman. “My poor innocent boys! OK I’ll finish this off!” And dismissing the two men she eyeballed Sophieand Emily in ways they remembered the headmistress doing at school.
“All you girls are the same!” She said, looking them up and down. “Every young maid we’ve ever had has tried to corrupt my sons, I even found one of them trying to do it when she was tied and gagged! Well I’m not having it. Right, you first she said to Emily. Get your knickers down I’ll warm up with you.”

Poor Emily had barely had time to pull her knickers up from being spanked by the owner but dutifully she pulled them down and seconds later the woman had her over her knee, spanking her for all she was worth.

All this time Sophie was watching and wondering if he would be able to cope when it was her turn, but it got even worse. Her punishment was a bare bottomed caning which is as bad as it gets.

Rubbing her already sore bottom, Emily was almost wondering if in fact she had got off lightly,

but no, moments later the woman had turned her attentions back to her and this time she was on the receiving end of a silver hairbrush with a raised pattern that Emily was sure would be creating a reverse image of itself on her soft young bottom as it smacked and smacked its message into her.

Would this ever end? Sophie was wondering what her next session would be but the woman suddenly looked at her watch and realised she had to be elsewhere and left the girls to recover.

That night in bed the two of them mused on their fate. “It’s only been one day,” Emily said “And so far we’ve been stripped, fucked, fondled, spanked and caned . What do you think?”

“Even better than school!” Said Sophie. We should give it at least a couple more weeks!”

“I agree!” Her friend answered. “But if we were keeping score, I would mention that I was given one more spanking than you, so what I think….”

And the next thing she had swung round a was pinning Sophie to he bed. I think I should give you a spanking now to even things up.”

“Spank me?” Sophie said looking up at Emily, her eyes wide open and something soft and melty happening inside her. “Would you really do that?” And as she said it she said realising that being spanked by Emily would be rather exciting

“I most certainly would!” Said her friend, her own insides turning to candyfloss as well. ”Let me just kiss you first…..”

But the rest of this is another story entirely.


  1. Thanks for finishing the story for us Liz. The perfect combination: spanking and sex.

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