Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Asking for a spanking

I really don’t think you should stand like that in those tiny shorts, young lady. Something of an invitation to the leering males and the army Sapphic sisters out there who might be taking a close look at your delectable up stretched bottom. You really are asking to be spanked, and should someone oblige, you’re hardly in a position to complain. And once you’re across the knee in that skimpy top, things are likely to come tumbling out, and who knows what that might lead to.

Any of you who want to give this little minx a good hard slap when you’re scrolling through feel free. It’s the only way she’ll learn!


  1. L
    it was with apprehension, mixed feelings of the task ahead and well, frankly, bubbling lust that i returned afer a while to catch up on your amazing mind

    so so far so good though my secretary has had to deal with two curious stickyness outbreaks on my keyboad

    so much and so varied - i shall have to retrace -one particular area caught my mind - 28 september Vita Sackville West et al - there is a worthwhile furrow to work on here - Marlene Deitrich in her top hat, Tallulah Bankhead, Greta Garbo and the usual suspects all wrapped up in a flailing menage

    but then you just go off on another tack - oh how can we fans keep up


  2. Half a dozen good hard slaps applied to the young minx's proffered bottom.......


  3. A
    ah, such a thought - however on reflection i feel something more severe is called for as what is suggested, i feel, would merely encourage the minx

  4. J,
    Thanks for the comment on Vita Sackville-West. A bit off the wall for a sex blog, but she is a favourite character of mine. I'll have to think about similar people, clearly George Sand being a candidate.

    Hope you feel refreshed after your break.

  5. L
    sex blog, sex blog - oh, there must be some mistake - what have i been looking at - what will matron say
    this reminds of the occasion during the filming of the apparently distinguished Gore Vidal film 'Caligula' when an alarmed John Gelguid one of the classical actors involved took Malcolm McDowell to one side on discovering that Bob Guccione, he of Penthouse 'fame',was providing additional scenes - "tell me dear boy" said JG "are we in some sort of porn film do you suppose"
    incidentally the Penthouse readers' letters were the very first modern British public signs of 'le vice anglais'
    ah, such innocent days