Friday, 22 October 2010

Divinely decadent, Darling

Ah, decadence, the lifestyle choice of the truly discerning. Shades of Christopher Isherwood's Berlin and pre-war Paris in the whiff of opium, the swirl of cigarette smoke and the heady perfume of darkness and dirty sex. Picture cigar smoking lesbians in perfect evening dress in basement clubs where bizarre sexual inclinations are being satisfied in private rooms and the nocturnal diners and drinkers make clandestine assignations with beautiful; strangers .


1 comment:

  1. L
    ah, delicious the whole sweet aura of decadence sweeps back - you are a dirty girl ! (and i don't normally use the exclamation mark - but then what is 'nomal' about you
    do you have any stern Helman Newton tuxedo clad beauties i wonder ? ( have i got that right - well not the mayo chap)