Monday, 25 October 2010


This isn’t me, though it easily could be. I’m petite and dark too, and as you can see from my brief profile I have three cats, and one of them is the image of this one. I’m not going to give out his name as I don’t want my cover broken, (the locals clearly are curious about me, but don’t know the truth) but he’s black and glossy and rather magnificent with a very high opinion of himself. I’m not pretending he wears a monocle, but he could easily get away with it being so grand and lordly.

If you’re at all interested, at least half the time I’m typing this blog, he’s on my lap, purring and dribbling on the keyboard in pleasure. But as they say, maybe that’s too much information!

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  1. Ah, I too am owned by 3 cats; persians to be precise. They too like helping me with my computer work and have never forgiven me for swapping out my old CRT monitor for an LCD. There's no space for them to perch on and bask in the heat coming off it