Thursday, 21 October 2010


Those of you who check on my postings on a regular basis know that I am susceptible to falling in love with some of the the edible little morsels and wanton wenches I bring to you. This girl is no exception, all too delicious as she sits there, lost in her own thoughts and absent mindedly checking her suspender.

Or is she as innocent as she looks? Is her simple pose contrived, and does she know that all eyes are on her silky thighs as she sits there on a public step? Putting it another way, should she be embraced for her beauty or spanked for her exhibitionism? You decide.


  1. Wherever did you find her like that, Elizabeth. I suspect she spilt water on her skirt and is letting it dry in the sun while she waits on the step in front of her house. Of course the house is surrounded by a high hedge and so she'd never suspect someone was taking her picture with a telephoto lens through the gate. After all, I'm no celebrity, she thinks to herself, that has to be on guard against the paparazi, lest my picture be pirated away to wind up on some pornographic website. Now I really should go and see if that skirt is dry, so I can get to work at my new office job. I just can't get used to wearing these old fashioned suspenders and stockings. But that's what they said was the dress code there. I mean it's not like they'd ever know. They wouldn't check a thing like that, would they? But I do hear they're strict, and I certainly wouldn't want to give them any reason to be like that with ME, especially not on my first day of work!

  2. What an imagination you have, but imagination is what separates us from the beasts. No doubt all of us could think of good reasons of why she is sitting there like that, and all of them no doubt designed to lubricate the ever present fantasies that put a spring in our step.

    I hope that pondering about this pretty young girl and her all too visible supenders has lightened up your day. It certainly has mine.