Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Bathtime bliss

For most of us, life's needs call for speed and efficiency, and that means that our daily routine calls for a quick shower to start the day. But when time permits, there's nothing like the luxury of a long soapy bath, a glass of champagne on the side and the strains of Vivaldi or Pachabal in the background. And if on these occasions, should we be joined by a lover of either sex, then why not , someone to help turn our languor into ecstasy.

A few postings ago I mentioned an occasion when I was hauled out of my bath, taken over a man's knee and spanked, all the while dripping suds all over him and the floor. No point in pretending that it wasn't exciting as it was, until he introduced a bath brush into the proceedings and it took a completely different turn. I'd love to give you an image of a girl being spanked like this, wet and soapy and squirming like a fish, but have failed to find one. If any of you can point me to one I would be really grateful.

And another thing while were on the subject of naughty bath time images. It's quite easy to find pictures of pretty young girls in the bath with their ripe breasts emerging from the water, pillows of temptation for any bathroom guest to reach lips or hands to . But what I've never seen, and really like the idea of is a picture of a man in the bath (preferably straight, but beggars can't be choosers) with his erection poking up through the foam like an erotic periscope, peeping round and looking for mischief. Anyone who can direct me to an image like this will be my friend for life!


  1. Hi I stumbled on your blog yesterday and I must say I've become an overnight fan :) I love it! I have a couple of bathtime spanking pics which you may like, how do I send them to you? Will definitley be purchasing your book :D

  2. Thanks. I'm really pleased that you like it. Essentially I try and please myself with the blog, but of course I want to know that other people enjoy it too.

    Thanks for the offer of the pics. Obviuously I can't make my regular e mail public , but Ive set up a a temp Hotmail account. It's :-


    If you want to send anything there I'd be really grateful.

    Thanks again.


  3. Hi, I emailed on a few pics, sorry again for the delay :) Enjoying your writing a great deal :D

    Sandie x