Monday, 29 August 2011

Ten good reasons to give that little minx Samantha in accounts ANOTHER good spanking (See original post)

1. That picture in your mind of when she had made herself ready for you, bent over and submissive, just won’t go away and you simply have to see it again.

2. Since that first spanking there have been a number of times in the office when she has positively been goading you to repeat it.

3. Having had her just the once squealing bare bottomed over you knee you simply have to do it again.

4. You still find yourself thinking about it at night

5. As she was so good at showing her appreciation afterwards for your being so thorough and attentive, you can’t wait to see what she might have in mind the next time

6. Any girl who takes of her own panties then purrs that she's ready for her long overdue spanking on her naughty little bottom clearly understands how badly she deserved it and it would a dereliction of your duty not to do it again.

7. Watching her doing ordinary things round the office is still driving you mad, so quite frankly she's asking for it.

8. You’ve re-checked the office manual and there is definitely NOTHING saying the girls can’t be spanked naked, and well, you’re only human.

9. Back at your flat she had her own ideas for different ways that you could punish her and you've yet to try them all out

10. (Have I reached ten already! I've got LOADS more reasons left) There's NOTHING in the office manual saying that the girls should not be made to dress in stockings and suspenders, bent over a desk, their knickers pulled down and then caned on their bare bottoms while all the other girls watch and then…..Ohhh!!!!


  1. Sexualle, I agree with you 100%, on photo #10. There is nothing more delightful, than to see a naughty lady wearing suspender-belt and stockings, with her knicker's pulled down, showing her bare bottom voluptously. And to be able to give this beauty, what she truly deserves, namely a good and proper caning on that naked rear end of hers, would be just perfect.

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