Sunday, 21 August 2011

To die for!

What sort of girl am I? Sometimes I wonder being like so any of us, complex and multi faceted. Bookish? Certainly . occasionally making a bit of a thing of it, putting on quite unnecessary big glasses when reading at a café table or at the library, confident that no one glancing in my direction would ever guess at that my head is a sea of erotic fantasies and what pleasuring and punishments my bedroom has been witness to.

Sensual? Oh yes! Purring like a cat in my garden hammock and bathing in the heat of the sun as I take time to ponder over whatever piece of writing I’m working on, all too often finding myself giving in to self pleasuring which is such a joy when performed outside in a perfumed bower.

Sexy? When I want to be, though it’s not something I make a big thing of in my day to day life. I tend to go for simple if arty clothes but so often I see men looking at me as if they can see what’s smouldering underneath the surface. But when taken to a restaurant for example then I’m happy to wear something sleek and chic to let people realise just what a good figure Elizabeth has. And afterwards, yes, I have a cornucopia of gossamer and lace to tease and stimulate the man I’ve allowed to bring me home.

And if he spanks me for wearing such a short dress just to get the waiters excited, well maybe I deserved it.

But what I’m leading to is that I’m not the sort of girl who screams and gasps at the sight of this expensive label or hyperventilates at the latest must have handbag. Sorry, not my scene at all. But having said that, I came across this image of a pair of very special stockings and yes, I want them in a big way. So sexy and at the same time so witty and clever.

But if I can’t own them then at least the next time I’m musing on things naughty before I go down to sleep at night I can imagine the pleasure on a man’s face when he discovers what is lurking out of sight under my dress. Oh yes, I’m a dreamer too. In a very big way.

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