Monday, 1 August 2011

You know you're really grown up when.....

You know you’re really grown up when:-

You can act the femme fatale and get away with it

You accept the fact that you really do have to earn your living

You get to spank your best friend’s mother

You like it when he’s in a bad mood as you know so many different ways to cheer him up

When your boyfriend pretends you’re still a naughty schoolgirl you enjoy it

When that lecherous man next door says he really should put you over his knee and spank you, you find yourself fantasising about it.

Being helped with washing yourself stops being humiliating

Ditto getting undressed at night

You find that being spanked for smoking is actually fun

You accept that from now on it’s you who will have to keep the house clean.

Being spanked in your pyjamas and sent to bed early is something you look forward to.

You know what your boyfriend does when he’s not with you and you actually quite like the idea.

Being spanked naked is not the ultimate humiliation but something you look forward to.

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