Monday, 5 September 2011

The Dream

The other night I dreamed I was back at school. No one else was in the classroom but me and my friend Felicity and we decided to practice kissing as we knew that one day we’d have boyfriends and they would expect us to be good at it. Think we must have enjoyed it too much as we got quite excited and things started going a lot further than just than kissing

But we got caught!

The teacher was very cross about it and said I was a wicked little strumpet. She made me pull my own knickers down and then she spanked me bent over her desk.

If that wasn’t punishment enough, she then took my knickers off completely and spanked me over her knee. It really hurt, and even though it was only a dream I remember I was squirming and wriggling as I tried to cope with it.

She made me wait outside and told me I had should spend the time thinking about what a wicked girl I was and how much I had deserved it. I still wasn’t wearing any knickers and I was really embarrassed in a case anyone should come past as they would be able to see my bare bottom.

And then someone did come by, a strange and very glamorous woman who talked to me very kindly. She wanted to know why I was here, and when I told her she said I was exactly the sort of girl she was looking for and that I should come home with her. If I did I could exchange my life of ugly schoolrooms for one of champagne and soft beds. Not surprisingly I agreed.

I did so and we went to a strange and remote house , though being a dream I can't remember how we got there.

First she wanted to see what I looked like naked, and having decided that my teacher was right and that, yes, I was a wicked little strumpet I took everything off so she could have a good look at me. She said I was perfect, but then she took me over her knee and spanked me as it was important to learn straight away that I always had to do what I was told. She spanked me even harder than my teacher did and I started to wonder what I had got myself into!

She told me that she gave lots of parties and that I was here to help her entertain her guests. I had to dress up for this, but as all I had to wear was stockings and a mask it wasn’t difficult. I was not the only girl who would be doing this, and I met some of the others and I couldn’t believe it but one of them was Felicity! How she had got here I could not imagine!

At the parties I met a lot of nice men who were tired and overworked and our job was to make them feel happy.

It seemed I had a real talent for making men happy and I was very popular. All that time I had spent practicing kissing with Felicity was beginning to pay off.

I enjoyed this work and was always looking for new ways to make the men even happier.

Occasionally one of the men told me that I was the naughtiest girl in the house and said that I really should be spanked. When they said things like this I tended to lead them on and it nearly always ended with my being put across their knee. I didn’t mind this as I was beginning to find being punished quite exciting.

And if sometimes I was spanked harder than I wanted, there was always Felicity there to comfort me. After we had finished entertaining the men we always got together to entertain each other. I liked that best of all!

I was just getting to the point in my dream where Felicity and I were taking things to the really exciting stage when I woke up, all of my body alive and glowing as if all those things had happened for real.

I couldn’t wait to see my boyfriend as I was all wriggly and in need of all sorts of things I couldn’t quite get clear in my mind. When he turned up I lay there on the bed and told him all about my dream and asked him if it had given him any ideas about how my subconscious was working.

He said he would discus my subconscious later but that my dream had most certainly given him a lot of ideas, and one look at him and I could see how true that was!

He said he couldn’t wait to try out some of those ideas straight away and . being a nice girl I couldn’t possibly tell you what happened next. I will just say that we both agreed it was far too long since we had seen Felicity and we have already arranged for her to come and have dinner tonight.

I can’t wait!


  1. Liz,

    I am so glad you kept your blog. This is a wonderfully erotic and hot spanking story.


  2. L

    gosh one certainly now appreciates the symbolism of the spurting champagne from the sixth image back - how can i control myself slurp, slurp as it were . . .