Thursday, 29 September 2011

Spanked again!

Across her knee again, skirt up and knickers down with her stinging hand making its presence well and truly felt on my bare bottom. Hardly a surprise. She spanks me for the smallest excuse, but that's fine. One look at her at the interview and I guessed that's how things would be. I was to be her playmate, her little companion, lighting her cigarettes, going to the opera and restaurants with her and of course visiting her vast bed at night where we kiss and fondle and exchange fluids. A perfect job for a girl like me with my pleasure in idle luxury and hunger for erotic experience. And if she likes me to dress up and become different girls, a French maid one day and a naughty schoolgirl another, that only makes it more fun.

And being punished? That was never mentioned but it was well understood that it would be part of the deal, and anyway I enjoy it. There's something so exciting about being told I've just earned another spanking. And at night afterwards she's always extra affectionate.

Sometimes I think if I had to pay her I'd still stay on!


  1. Very nice series of posts.

  2. And you've just earned another spanking. Flaunting your naughty, sexy little self on the internet for all to see, indeed! xx

  3. Think I might have to poach her! :D

  4. L

    sometimes one just thinks 'yes'

    but not good enough to leave it like that - you must be given 'encouragement' lots in fact

    so, L, consider yourself thus given