Monday, 12 September 2011

Yet ANOTHER ten reasons to give that young minx Samantha in accounts ANOTHER good spanking (See previous two posts)

1. Round the office these days she’s being even more provocative than before.

2. Watching her stand there waiting for you having pulled her own panties down is arguably the most arousing sight you’ve ever seen..

3. But then again, taking her panties down when you’ve first got her across your knee is arguable the most arousing thing you’ve ever done.

4. But then again, when she looks at you, all innocently and says ”Shall I take them off completely this time, Sir?” is arguably the most arousing …..Oh never mind, you get the picture!

5. The other day in the office she did something so naughty you simply have to spank her for it. After all, you do have to set standards!

6. When you admitted to her, (You’d had a drink so it was forgivable) that just thinking about spanking her did tend to produce an unexpected reaction in the trouser department she insisted on checking it out and then found a very effective way of sorting it out for you.

7. That ever time you’ve spanked her so far she’s been wearing different panties, and purely out of curiosity you want to check out what she’s wearing today under that tiny little skirt of hers.

8. That, never mind the anticipation, never mind what happens afterwards, actually having her bare bottomed over your knee while you spank a little discipline into the little baggage is still the best fun you’ve ever had.

9. A few things she’s said now make you wonder if there’s more to her than meets the eye and that she might be leading another quite separate life outside the office and you simply have to find out more.

10. That out of the blue the other day she said that if you had to spank her again, wouldn’t it be fun if you played a game with her being a naughty little girl and you being her strict uncle and it would be a shame not to.

11. (Yes I can count! Stop being so anal!) That her ways of showing her appreciation after you’ve been good enough to spank her (for her own good of course) are getting more inventive all the time so you can't bear to mis out on whatever the next one might be.

12. That if you go on spanking her on regular basis, it will set a precedent in the office and then you will have an ample excuse to spank that other little baggage, Belinda. (Oh, Belinda!!)


  1. L

    oh yes very intriguing - 'leading another life outside the office' - the fedora, the bow tie, very Helmut - oh, the imagination races

    now here's thought - names for spankees - Belinda oh, yes and Geraldine a ha, Elizabeth of course - your thoughts, L, please

    gosh two glasses of champagne, large admittedly, and i'm having just a little difficulty in tapping out my thoughts . . .


  2. l

    you know i just imagine you, L, working our these damn'd awkward code words, to enable us chaps to comment . . .


  3. L

    ok - i admit it a miskey - 'L' i meant and i got 'i' oh, dammmit


  4. Great pictures and narrative.

  5. Sorry not to have come back before now.

    Whatever your different comments, it seems I'm doing something right. I'll try and keep it up.