Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A personal thing

It's a strange and very personal thing the choice of image or word that might arouse us and send a sudden rush of blood to swell our most personal places and make our heart beat that little bit faster. I'm sure it's the same for all of us; we can look at a dozen images with similar characteristics and with equal amounts of fleshly exposure and sexual promise, yet only a couple actually have any real affect on us, and maybe only one that truly captures our erotic imaginations.

But then it's the same in real life; so often we find ourselves at a party full of attractive interesting people but we still find that it's a very few of them who make us hungry for the feel of their bodies against our own. But when there is such a person, oh my goodness! The almost painful need to touch and feel and exchange breath on tumbled sheets and the inevitable sea of discarded clothes that real passion brings in its wake.

I am posting a handful of images that have what I consider to have some quirky erotic potential. None of them are overtly explicit by the standards you have probably become used to seeing on the web, and indeed on my own blog, yet they all have a quality to them that I find appealing. First a fastidious looking female who at first glance gives the impression she would shy at the sight of engorged male need, yet somehow by hiding behind such a refined carapace makes us wonder if she harbors dark needs far beyond anything we could imagine.

And another sitting quietly lost in her own inner thoughts, but her hand is dangling between her long smooth legs as if she is wondering if she should pay a little attention to the secret place in between. Whatever her plans, positioned like her lovely thighs are a blatant invitation to be caressed and kissed, particularly as it is far from clear if she is wearing any panties.

And next a young lady having her pretty bottom smacked, as unlike the previous two a possible. I like her chirpy face and her overall look of a girl who still doesn't quite believe that she really is grown up so when her boyfriends find some flimsy excuse to give her a spanking her she feels that it's only right. I've had a few girls like this in my life and they are both fun and easy to be around and of course sweet and generous in bed.

And a sweetly pretty girl, quietly absorbed in self pleasuring, her nudity enhanced and embellished by the long socks that only highlight the expanse of naked thigh above, her face dreamy and absorbed in the private world she now occupies.

I will not make any comment on the last few. No doubt you will all interepret their promise and meaning in different ways and, as I said at the beginning,whatever effect they might have will be very personal to you

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  1. L
    ah, a reasonably digestible posting leaving
    a chap time to wander - from one of your pictures i ended up in Russia and gracious these are, in a rather obviously blingy sort of way, quite glamorous

    so thanks again, L, for such diverting offerings but i will not stray . . . you have me, as it were