Thursday, 29 September 2011


He said to wait for him in his truck and then he would take me home. I'd annoyed him and made him cross and he just wants me out of the way. He didn't say not to take all my clothes off, and he didn't say not to wait naked and desirable and with that look on my face which drives him wild but which he can't resist.

He'll probably spank me. He has in the past for similar things. Sat on the bonnet and hauled me over his knee for a real punishment, the only difference my being completely naked made was that he didn't have to drag my knickers down.

And afterwards? Well, we all know what happens after a pretty naked girl has been spanked by her boyfriend. That's why I've stripped off in anticipation. And then things will be back to normal again. At least till I misbehave again!

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