Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Jane Austin would have approved

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a fortune must be in need of a wife.

The immortal words of Jane Austin in Pride and Prejudice. It is a further truth, also universally acknowledged that a naughty girl with a cheeky grin and a sweet bottom is in need of a good spanking.

But there is a problem here. Exactly what sort of girl are we talking about, and what sort of behaviour have we in mind that calls for such a punishment?

What about a girl who blatantly flashes her legs

Or wears shorts skirts under which it is not clear if she is wearing any knickers.

Certainly girls who make an exhibition of their lovely ripe breasts for the sole purpose of causing gratuitous sexual arousal.

Definitely girls who wear indecently abbreviated shorts in public places

And of course those who disappear for long periods only to be discovered pleasuring themselves while they fantasise about who knows what wicked things.

Yes they all need to be taken across your knee and given a good spanking.

Preferably with their knickers pulled down so as to ensure they get the full stinging benefit of your quite justified disapproval.

But here is the problem. Another universal truth is that there is something about giving a pretty young minx a spanking that tends to make men feel shall we say, swelled with benevolence and the need to make it better, and the very sort of little hussy who tends to get spanked most regularly is the very sort who are all too keen to help you with this problem.

And before you know it, one thing has lead to another. It was ever thus!

And this is where we get to the root of the problem. Having been punished and forgiven, the little brat only goes on to behave worse than ever, making it all to clear that she is now prepared and ready for anything you might have in mind for her

Now making it all to clear that, forget any ambiguity on the subject, she is definitely not wearing any knickers under her short dress,

And dressing up in ways she knows all too well will play on your secret fantasies and drive you wild.

Poor man, what choice do you have but to spank her again for this unseemly behaviour, maybe having stripped her naked first to get your point across?

And so it goes on, and on, and on……..


  1. Delightful Liz

    I'm so glad you decided to carry on with your blog xx

  2. Hi

    Very nice photo story. I may have to apply ice to this swelling!



  3. Psst... it's Austen, not Austin.

  4. Austin!! How could I!

    I am and always have been a really bad proof reader, not the best thing for someone who spends half her life writing. I can read the same sentence over and over again before I sudenly notice some great howler that should have leapt out of the page at me. What a waste of an expensive education!

    Consider me due for a punishment, but what should it be? That's the big question.


  5. Mmm, let's see... :D

    I start the bidding, if I may, at a hundred lines and a good over-the-knee slippering.

  6. I will see that slippering and raise it to a hand spanking,followed by corner time, with the naughty red bottom on display, knickers around stocking tops and hands on head.

  7. Might I suggest the strap. As a teacher of Eng.Lit myself such a mistake is inexcusable, Elizabeth, and requires that you bend over and present your bare bottom for a good dose of the strap before sitting down on a hard chair to write the name 'Austen' 100 times!

  8. I will raise that strap and suggest "6 of the best" across that naughty bare bottom with the delightful miscreant bending over a desk.
    Followed of course by writing the name Austen 100 times as suggested by Janice

  9. Oh dear! Will I ever live this one down, and will I ever sit comfortably again!

    Let's just hope I don't make the same mistake with Charlotte Brontee!


  10. A spelling test combined with a spanking, I think. As you've already made the first egregious error, I'm afraid it's going to have be one spank for every letter that is correct, two spanks for every letter that is incorrect, and a culminating half dozen for every word you spell incorrectly. All followed, of course, by an entertaining romp through some of the action packed photographs that are part of the post. What you'll make of Wuthering, I shudder to think.

  11. Elizabeth Forster, Report to my study at once young lady!! It is Charlotte Bronte not Brontee.

  12. *sniggers*

    Sir, I don't mean to tell tales...

    ...but I saw Elizabeth showing her knickers off to the boys in the playground, too...

  13. Penelope, you naughty girl, sniggering at another girls misfortune is not a very nice thing to do, you can join Elizabeth in my study.

  14. L

    oh, L, you really started something there

    how interesting it is to touch the spot - so too with myself however i suspect that perhaps you are not the bumberler you try to present - you are actually a tease, you know what you are doing - so after everyone has finished i have been polishing a favourite slender rattan

    think - 'assume the position Miss L !'