Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Oh dear, from that confused look on your face , you clearly have lots to learn young lady.

It can’t have escaped your notice that from the moment your young breasts appeared that all the boys couldn’t stop staring at them, and later on when you were ready for such things you were happy to allow the more cute and fanciable of them to feel and fondle and kiss them; be honest it was a two way traffic and it felt nice for you as well and encouraged you to let things move on into even more pleasurable territory. So taking that a step further, hardly surprising that one day one of them wants to cut out the middle man of his hands and investigate your pretty breasts with the very part of him that swells with pleasure each time he thinks about them .

Yes that can lead to unexpected results like this, but take it as a compliment. It’s when things like this no longer happen that you have to start worrying!

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