Sunday, 16 October 2011

Spanking Miss Jones

“Miss Jones.”

“Yes, Sir?”

“Miss Jones, it goes without saying that you are an exemplary secretary, possibly the best I have had....”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“But nevertheless, I did have cause to spank you last week. I’m sure you remember.”

“Oh, yes, Sir! I’ve thought about it a number of times, particularly on warm nights just before going down to sleep.”

“Hmm! Well leaving that to one side, the way you dress for the office is tending to cause some distraction amongst the male staff.”

“But, Sir, I only wear the most correct clothing possible. Tailored suits, sheer stockings, high heels…… “

“But that very correctness can be provocative in it’s own right, particularly if the girl in question is exceptionally pretty and with a body like yours.”

“But….what is my body like then, Sir, and why are you kissing me?”

“Oh yes! I am kissing you aren’t I? I didn’t realise. Anyway, the other day when you were bending over the filing cabinet……”

“Oh dear! My skirt was rather short that day wasn’t it!”

“It was…..Well let’s just leave it that I’ve decided to give you a further spanking to get my point across about the way you present yourself.”

“Oh Good! I mean, of course, Sir. I’m sure it’s exactly what I need. I’m sure a thorough spanking with my knickers down will really teach me a lesson.”

“Miss Jones, I said nothing about taking your knickers down.”

“But you are going to take them down, aren’t you, Sir.”

“As it happens I am going to take them down…..Why are you kissing me, Miss Jones?”

“Sorry, Sir. I hadn’t realised!”

“Mmmmm…… are just so kissable!”

“So are you, Sir!”

“Even so…….where were we?”

“You were about to give me a good spanking, Sir.”

“So was. OK. Now let’s get you in position….that’s it over my knee… Are you comfortable.”

“Very comfortable, Sir.”

“Fine, now I’ll just slip your knickers down…..My goodness, you have the most beautiful bottom, Miss Jones.”

“Thank you, Sir. Oh, Sir, it feels so nice when you stroke me like that…..!”

“ Even so, are you ready to be spanked?

“Oh yes, Sir! Owww! Ahhh! Oooooh!………..Sir……!!!”


“It’s nice being on your lap like this, Sir. “

“Well you did take that that spanking very well.”

“I’m sure a few more and I will have learned my lesson. Sir….?”


“It’s funny but when you spank me… makes me feel all warm and moist. You know……”

“I hope that being punished isn’t giving you some sort of pleasure, Miss Jones.”

“I wouldn’t say pleasure, Sir , but I am very moist down there. Look, give me your hand….If you feel….”

“Yes you are, aren’t you!”

“What about you, Sir? I mean doesn’t having me wriggling across your knee with my knickers down do something for you?”

“Not at all, Miss Jones! The very idea!”

“Well let me just check…..My goodness, Sir! You’re as hard as rock!”

“Nonsense, mean…..”

“Come on, I just want to get it out and have a look….”

“Miss Jones…..!”

“That’s got it! Wow, it’s really big and stiff. You really do like spanking me, don’t you!”

“Look, it’s nothing to do with…What are you doing?….. Miss Jones…! Miss Jones!!!!!!!!”


  1. We wouldn't get much work done in that office, but my word,it would be a pleasure to work there and Miss Jones has the look of posh totty which is always delightful.