Sunday, 16 October 2011

What's the punishment....?

Look, you’re a man of the world. What is the punishment for a girl who spends all her money on enticing lingerie,

Runs of to Paris where she idles away her time wandering the streets

Then checks into expensive hotels where she waits in the bedroom for rich men to visit her.

And when they do, she does whatever they might ask of her to satisfy their perverted sexual needs

After which, instead of giving her their phone number, they go off leaving her nothing but diamonds and money?

It’s what? She has to be blindfolded,

Stripped and shackled,

Repeatedly spanked,

Preferably naked,

And then thoroughly ravished?

Gosh! All that!

I'm definitely going to do it then!


  1. Personally, I prefer the lady semi naked, as opposed to completely naked, a place I feel, for that enticing lingerie she has bought.

  2. Wow! Very hot post Liz. I bet you have already done that. LOL.


  3. What's the punishment....?

    A harsh caning on the bared bottom, I'd say.