Sunday, 30 October 2011

A quiet night in

“Why don’t we have a quiet evening in?” I suggested and he was happy with that as we weren’t always able to spend that much time together.

I put on a simple short dress and lit lots of candles and we ate a little and drank rather more,

And, being us, before we knew it we were kissing, his hand on my breast and his breath heavy on my neck. Where this was going was all too clear but neither of us were in a hurry.

“Why don’t you tell me one of your stories.” He asked and I was happy to do so as we both enjoyed them and never knew where they might take us.

“What about …..?” But I knew what he wanted anyway. ”Maybe some of the things that happened to me at school?” And as I said it I was gently stroking his cock and suddenly it was hard for him to speak so I just went on.

“At school I was a very naughty girl.” I said and his cock gave a jerk in my hand and I knew that this was just what he wanted to hear. “I wore very short skirts with tiny white panties and although I pretended not to notice I loved it when the boys and teachers used to try and look up my skirt.

“It meant that I was both very popular and very unpopular at the same time, and for the smallest excuse the teachers had me bent over the desk in front of the class for a spanking. I think it was because they wanted to do other things to me but couldn’t”

“I wish I had been one of your teachers!” He managed to mutter and I slowed down my stroking so as not to bring him off too quickly.

“One of the women teachers, Miss Robson, always took me to her private room when she spanked me. She’d make me take my knickers right off, and the whole time she was spanking me I had to tell her just how much I deserved it. She never gave me my knickers back afterwards and I often think she must have a big collection of them somewhere.”

He was whimpering now, so I guessed I was telling him what he wanted to hear, so I carried on. And anyway, I was getting myself excited now so I didn’t want to miss out on the rest of it.

“But it wasn’t just the teachers. One of the prefects was always looking for an excuse to spank me. I think is was because she secretly fancied me, but that didn’t mean it hurt any the less. Can you imagine it, me in my school uniform across another girl’s knee with my skirt up being spanked and spanked till I was squealing for mercy?”

And clearly he could as he went into a little spasm in my hand but I managed to keep him from going off completely.

“Do you want to hear some more?” I asked, and he gave a little moan which I knew meant he did.

“Not all the prefects hated me though, and there was one who was really nice. She was in charge of me during a detention and although she bent me over a desk and spanked me with a hairbrush she did it in a very loving way so it felt really nice.

“When she finished she said she hoped I was OK and then she kissed me. It was really nice being kissed by a girl so I kissed her back.

“I told her that when Miss Robson spanked me she took my knickers off, and then we paused our kissing and were looking at each other the way people do when something really exciting is going to happen, and after a second she said that maybe she should take my knickers off but that it would only be fair if I took hers off as well, so that’s what I did.

“It didn’t take long before she’d got my knickers off and then we kissed some more and eventually we ended up completely naked and it was all getting really sweet when in walked the headmaster and caught us!

“You are such a bad girl” My boyfriend said, twisting round and kissing me and I was so excited myself now that I nearly forgot to go on with my story but he wanted me to hear some more and so I did.

“So there we were,” I went on “Stark naked and guilty as sin . So what do you think happened?”

“Tell me!” He muttered, his cock jerking in my hand. “Please tell me!”

“The next morning,” I said, ” The two of us were marched into the headmaster’s study . He bent us over his desk side by side and told us what wicked little strumpets we were and just how thoroughly we were going to be punished. Then he pulled both our knickers down and caned use, first one then the other and back again. It was so painful I didn’t know how I was going to bear it, but just when I thought I couldn’t cope a second longer, you’ll never guess what he did next………”

But I never did get to tell him as there is a limit to how far two over excited people can hold back and nature took over.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night. He’s going to show l me how he would have punished me if he had been in charge!


  1. Terrific story Liz; so wickedly hot.

  2. L
    after a hiatus back again, refreshed, but oh in catching up i now need, well something . . . as ever your touch is exquisite in all respects such style and ah, imagination

    thanks seem so inadequate - what can one do . . .


  3. Elizabeth Forster8 November 2011 at 08:35

    So glad you enjoyed this. I certainly enjoyed writing it!