Tuesday, 4 October 2011


So what have we here, three drawings showing some unfortunate female at the receiving end of a spanking. The first two are very much of the same period, possibly even by the same artist , and the last one later. In their own way they are a clear demonstration of changes in social attitudes over a period of time.

The first two were almost certainly drawn in the nineteen fifties, that weird time when men fantasized like never before or since about how exciting it would be to take their wife, or better still that little minx in the typing pool, across the knee and to dish out a good spanking while they wriggled and protested. Not that it had anything to do with sex of course, no way, but somehow it created a nice warm feeling in the nether regions and caused a lot of leaking in the underpants department.

Both drawings are jokey which was their ostensible raison d’etre, but what a surprise that without intending to the artist had managed to exploit the full erotic potential of giving a pretty girl a good spanking. In the first, the woman’s dress has pulled up so that her stocking tops are on display and her full breasts are bursting out of her top as if determined to make a complete get away. In the second, despite the overwhelming nerdyness of the man dishing it out, things go even further. The woman is in her underwear with her suspenders and panties on full display, and her bra has slid up the point where we are even given a hint of one of her nipples. But as I said, it’s all just for a laugh so that’s all right.

The third drawing could not be more different. The girl is completely naked and we can even see wisps of her pubic hair as she bends over to accept her punishment from the stern matriarch who clearly likes nothing better than to chastise her young helpless victims . There is nothing jokey about it and Its sole purpose is to titillate and arouse those whose erotic palette includes fantasies of this kind.

How we’ve moved on, yet somehow the subliminal eroticism in the two earlier drawings seems to work better for me. It’s as if the artist was sharing a secret between him and those of us who are in on it. Where you all stand with this is up to.

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  1. L

    ah, as ever, beautifully observed

    i always feel much better after a dose of Sexualle as it were . . .