Wednesday, 12 October 2011

That first time....

It was just a throw away remark so it barely registered that he’d said it. Both of us laughing, horsing around they way we do. “I've a good mind to spank you, you little brat.”

And that was it, lost in the ether, and when a few days later as we rolled around on the bed, teasing and flirting he told me again that a good spanking was just what I needed, it got lost with everything else as we feverishly completed our mutual undressing.

But the third time somehow revived the faded memory of the other two, and I picked him up on it. "Do you really want to spank me?" I said, my eyes meeting his in a sort of challenge. " No. of course not." He answered, and then he was kissing me again , but I decided not to let it go.”You know Belinda?" I asked him. "She told me the other day that her boyfriend spanks her quite a lot."

“Really!" He said, clearly trying to brush it to one side. “Sounds a bit kinky to me” But there was a serious gleam in his eye. “What does she do then, dress up in her old school uniform and tell him she's been naughty?”

The rest of the conversation went nowhere as suddenly we were at it so feverishly that nothing else mattered,

But I knew all I needed to know about something lurking in his subconscious, but more than that, something lurking in mine as well.

Preparing for my little plan didn’t take a moment. He was in a quiet post coital trance, more asleep than awake, so I simply slipped of into the dressing room and put on the few simple garments I needed. Tiny skirt, even tinier panties, and long socks. Cliché? Of course, but clichés only exist because they work .

“I've been such a naughty girl, Sir”

When he came into the living room, I was lying on the couch waiting, my eyes full of promise and my body eroticised in the sort of get up that had clearly been invading his subconscious for a little while now, even if he had been refusing to acknowledge it.

“I suppose you are going to have to punish me!”

It took him a second or two to make a decision, his eyes burning and his whole body alive with anticipation. He had a simple choice, either to play along and give himself the treat of a lifetime or to tell me I was being silly. I was certain which one it would be and I was right.

“I suppose I am!” His nostrils were furled and it was as if I could see through his clothes to his engorgement.

“Just remind me again what it is you have done!”

I picked up my old teddy bear to add to the picture of erotic innocence I was presenting to him and went and whispered something so inflammatory in his ear I’m surprised he didn’t simply strip and ravish me on the spot but he managed to stay in character.

“You are such a wicked girl!” He managed to get out. “I hadn’t realized you had been that bad. You know I’m going to have to put me across my knee and spank you!”

He’d said it and the air between us was now electric, even if for no other reason than he could see that I was now as excited by the idea of being spanked as he was to spank me

“Spank me, Sir!” I managed to get out. “Not actually …..”

“Spank you! Yes.” I could see that just saying it was enough to take him to a new level. “Now come here will you!”

Moments later and with my heart thumping I was over is knee and he was caressing my thighs and taking his hand up and underneath my tiny skirt and exploring my bottom through my skimpy panties.

“You understand,” He said, his voice honeyed with lust and power. “That what you did calls for nothing less than a proper bare bottomed spanking, so I’m going to have to pull your knickers down!”

“But, Sir!” I gasped, so excited now I could barely speak. “Not take my knickers down!”

But even as I spoke he was doing that, sliding them down inch by lustful inch till they were at mid thigh and my bare bottom was on full display under his hungry eyes.

We’d been lovers now for a while and he’d seen my naked body time and again, but I had never before felt so exposed, my bared bottom like an exhibit in a glass case to be examined and obsessed over.

“Have you ever been spanked before?” He asked me, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear it from my nervous lips.

“No, Sir. Not ever.”

“Then I’d better make sure that you remember this one!” And with a final caress he landed a first sharp slap in the middle of my upturned bottom, paused as I squealed and jumped with the shock, then gave another in exactly the same spot before settling into a quiet and steady rhythm, spanking and spanking my virgin bottom with a sold steady satisfaction.

What had I expected when I had initiated this game? I hadn’t thought it through. The idea of being the naughty little girl being punished across his knee had exited me, but I hadn’t considered how it would feel. And it felt wonderful. Fear and pain and erotic excitement were all swirling round together in a strange cocktail of perverse pleasure, as heady a mixture as I had ever experienced. One part of me wanted to scream and call for him to stop, the other to beg him not to spare me and to spank even harder. The harder he spanked the more excited I became, and though in a shorter time than I would have imagined the burning fire in my bottom was beginning to rage out of control, somehow it was all too wonderful and I knew that this was something I needed to know more about, this dark underworld of pain and pleasure I had previously known nothing about.

But more than that, as he spanked and chastised my tender flesh, little grunts escaping his lips, I knew that it was taking me to a point of no return, a swirling sweet orgasm beginning to build in my feminine depths and building into that glorious explosion of joy I knew so well.

And then, like a rush of cold water it was all coming to a close. “I take it you’ve learned your lesson.” He said, his hand now soothing my scalding cheeks, and in a trance and somehow knowing what was expected of me, I said that I had and even said what a good little girl I was going to be from now on. “That’s good!” He told me, his voice thick with a new power. “But even so ...” And he was peeling off my knickers, taking them right off and over my high heeled ankles.

“I think spending the rest of the day without knickers will remind you of your punishment and encourage you to be a good girl from now on.“

And he was getting me back on my feet, purring with his entitlement to do with me what he wished from now on. “And of course," He said , taking a good look at me in my tiny skirt that barely covered my lower nakedness. “Without any knickers on you’ll be that much easier to spank!”

“Of course, Sir.” I said, my loins still throbbing with the need to explode and knowing that I had to raise the game or fall on the floor and self pleasure in front of him. “But you do know that I have no intention of behaving, and quite frankly that spanking didn’t hurt one bit!“

And pausing only to poke my tongue out at him I hurriedly rushed out through the door, slamming it behind me.

I had a feeling that the next half hour was going to prove to be very interesting indeed!


  1. Terrific story Liz. Very hot indeed.



  2. Elizabeth Forster13 October 2011 at 08:42

    I seem to have done something right! So glad you enjoyed it.


  3. Very cute story. Loved it :-)

  4. I have been tied up or tired out lately and just finished reading the last six or seven posts. I enjoyed them all! This last story was excellent.