Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

I take it for granted that there is no one category of person who reads my blog on any regular basis, and in fact I like the idea that people of every tendency and inclination will be checking in from time.

Maybe you are a mature sex goddess trembling with erotic overload,

Who in the quietness of your personal ivory tower uses my blog to help you indulge in your private fantasies,

Or even to encourage you to live them out in real life

Maybe you are virile young man, your erotic needs so urgent that as well as the commerce you engage in otherwise, you still have to be regularly fed with the sort of stimulus provided by Sexuelle,

Which of course encourages you to try out new and exciting things with whichever young lady currently fills your life.

Possibly you are one of the many wicked uncles out there who, between those many disreputable moments in your all too colourful private life, still make time to pay me regular visits,

all the while harbouring fantasies of what you would like to do to me given half a chance!

Of course, at the other extreme, you could be a young girl, a little new to the sexual scene and learning all the time what a dark and strange place the bedroom can be,

and in the process quietly discovering interesting new ways of exciting him as well as yourself!

Then again, whatever your gender or orientation, you could simply be a connoisseur of the erotic, wondering what delights you might find here to lubricate the darker recesses of your imagination.

Anyway, whoever you are and whatever your tastes, thanks for visiting my humble blog, and here's wishing you all a Wonderful and Vibrant New Year.


  1. Happy New Year 2012. Maybe I am all of the above that you have just mentioned. But I can assure you, I would treasure, with pleasure, to take your panties down, and spank that voluptous bare bottom of yours, foreever, and ever.

  2. L

    mm . . . no, not voluptuous but firm and pert in my imagination