Thursday, 8 March 2012

Breaking tha Rules!

OK. Let me make a prediction that is all too easy. Some sexy little baggage has earned herself a good spanking across your knee and this is the moment when you’re about to deliver. In that deep swamp that is your erotic imagination, how should it be carried out to ensure that the whole thing is as arousing for you as possible? I’m guessing that what you have in mind is pulling up her skirt, and no matter how gossamer thin and skimpy they might be, taking down her knickers. Why would you want to do this? Partially to remove all her protection and to ensure that she gets the full benefit of you punitive hand on her bare flesh, but arguably even more important, by so exposing her to add to the aesthetic pleasure you get from of having her positioned like this while you carry out your duty by her.

But look at this girl I’m giving you now, as juicy and spankable as any I have ever come across. Frankly that jutting rear of hers is so perfectly displayed in that short tight dress that it could not look better any other way. Having her across your knee exactly as she is here would be as good as it gets, and seeing her nylon clad thighs scissor and thresh as she is punished would be a pleasure in it’s own right. I’m embarrassed to confess that as I let my imagination loose on her I can feel the stinging spank of my hand against the tight grey silk stretched so invitingly over her impudent bottom.

But why should she be the only one to benefit? I’m going out this weekend to buy an identical outfit to see what effect it might have on my Saturday evening date!

1 comment:

  1. That dress is so short I hope you aren't going to excite all the older gentlemen you may meet by showing them your stocking tops !!