Saturday, 17 March 2012

Pain and Pleasure revisited

My posting Ritual Pain and Pleasure produced a number or responses. You may remember that I had explained that the ritual of being told I was a naughty little girl and punished with a good spanking had the effect of turning me on whereas being caned had no interest for me. I was inquisitive to hear from any of my female followers how they felt about being caned.

I had such a good reply from Amber that, leaving aside the intro etc , I am reproducing it in full below. I have of course added a few images to help your imaginations as you picture her in receipt of traditional bedroom discipline from her boyfriend.

Spanking for my boyfriend and I is entirely erotic. We don't do the punishment thing unless it's some sort of role play fun, but really that's not punishment in the sense of the word. Sure I get spanked for being "naughty" at times, lots of times, but, that too, really isn't punishment.

Getting spanked is one of the most thrilling things we do. I can not remember a time that it has not resulted in nearly nuclear sex

and I have had many an orgasm over his lap.

And I don't mean from fingering or rubbing during, I mean from the sensations of the spanking alone especially if it has started out slow and "soft" and gradually increased speed and force.

It is just such a sensuous act. There are so many things that come into play to make it so arousing for me. I feel his masculinity, his strength, power, desire so greatly while over his lap, held close to his hard strong body. Feeling his own need beneath me, it is getting me hot just thinking and describing it.

Then there is the spanking itself. That immediate spark of pain that quickly turns to a heat that spreads thru the whole area that causes a delicious squirm and sting that has me yearning for more and more. It is like a circle of sensations that gradually intensifies as the spanking goes on.

Then there reaches the point where I am so turned on that I feel like I could go on forever yet I'm desperate for it to end so that my near insane lust can be satisfied.

The orgasms that I have during spanking only seems to fuel the need more, throwing oil on the fire of lust.

This is why I love being spanked.

Now the cane, wow that is a whole different thing and won't be as easy to explain. "Cold" forceful caning from the start, does nothing for me but pain.

However, if I have had a good spanking before and the cane is gradually used with more force, it can be incredibly intense.

It is like a flash fire of heat and sting that spreads so so fast. I have not had an orgasm from the cane but it builds a level of arousal so intense that I am hanging on the edge of a cliff that one time just a fingernail run from my nose to my clit sent me over.

The sex after with his hands gripping my hypersensitive skin or it rubbing into the bedding is just so incredible.

And the cane can be felt for a couple days, sitting, in the shower, in tight clothes.. a constant reminder of the time we had that makes me so hot, wet and ready for more action as soon as we are home together again.

That is why I love the cane.

Hope, I have made sense, it wasn't very easy to express in words.

You expressed it wonderfully Amber. As for my own reaction, well…..


  1. That was incredible.....I can only wish for a girlfriend like yourself.....I am very happy for the both you that you experience such pleasure.

  2. Thank you for this, Liz.

    Mike and I really never discussed it before and when I showed him this, he found it quite stimulating and was anxious to "test out" what I wrote. Well, now he is trying to rest after quite a bit of exertion on his part and I am a bit sore with an ear to ear grin.

    Thank you, Anon. I feel like I am the lucky one.

    amber xx