Sunday, 11 March 2012

It's Maisie!

Hullo! I’m here, Sir. It’s Maisie from the agency. That’s right, from Madam Claude’s. Shall I come in?

So how are we then, Sir? No, there’s no hurry at all so let’s sit down and be cosy for a few minutes. I gather we’re having a bit of trouble in the trouser region.

I wouldn’t worry about it, Sir. It happens to everyone from time to time. Nothing I’m sure we can’t sort out with a young good looking chap like you. It’ll be a pleasure to see what we can do for you.

What, I don’t look old enough to be doing this? Yes I suppose I am rather young aren’t I. The thing is, I was brought up by Madame so I’ve been looking after gentleman like yourself since I was, well never mind that. Let’s concentrate on you shall we?

Ok let’s have a bit of a look. That’s right get the little devil out and see what we can do for him.

Yes he does seem to be a bit shy. Having a bit of a lie in by the look of him. Come on, don’t you want to wake up and talk to Maisy? . All right then. He’ll do it in his own time. There’s no hurry.

Might be an idea if I undress as it could help to put him in a good mood. Why don’t you hold him up to get a good look at me while I do. That’s it, like that. I’ll just take my top off to start with…..

What’s that, Sir? Very kind of you to say so. Yes I don’t like to boast but I do have nice tits don’t I. Most of my gentleman like my tits. I get quite jealous of them sometimes, the amount of kissing and fondling they get. Anyway, let’s get the knicks off and then you and I can have a bit more of a chat.

No, we don’t have to do anything, we can just talk. Oh yes, I’ll get things sorted out for you, in fact I’ve got to or if I tell Madame I didn’t I’ll be in big trouble. I’ll be straight across her knee…. What? Oh yes. She’ll spank me if I go back and tell her I couldn’t make you good and happy. No, I’m not joking. She’s very kind in lots of ways but she’s very strict with us. That’s right, I’ll be given a proper old fashioned spanking over her knee with my knickers down.

Oh! That’s interesting! There’s suddenly a bit of life down there. Hullo little man. Let Maisie give you a tiny kiss, nothing too much…that’s right.

Funny you asking me about being spanked as quite a lot of my gentlemen like that sort of thing. There’s one gentleman I go to regular. He likes me in long dresses with petticoats and suspenders and he pretends I’m his grown up daughter. I have to tell him exactly what it is I’ve been doing with my boyfriend and then its over his knee while he spanks me till I promise to be good .

There’s another one who has problems with his secretary and as he’s not allowed to lay a finger on her it’s me who gets it. He likes me to take my own panties down while he tells me just how thoroughly I’m going to be spanked this time. He’s not messing about either! My bottom’s on fire after he’s finished with me.

It’s not just you men either. There’s a woman do every Thursday afternoon, and with her we’re back in the eighteen nineties and I’m her niece and the story is…..

Oh, I say! He really is livening up isn’t he!

Look at him all fat and tight and pleased with himself. Let me have a little feel. My God he’s good and hard now. Look, now he’s awake let’s try and keep him in a good mood. Don’t actually, you know…. but just give him some nice little strokes with your fingers while I go on talking, that’s it, nice and gentle so he’s all glowing and moist.

Look, I know I shouldn’t tell you this, but all this talk about me being spanked so much, well I’m only human too and maybe between ourselves I do quite enjoy it too. There’s something about being told I’m a naughty girl….Look, hang on, you don’t mind if while I’m talking I ………..Oh that’s so nice…! This is good isn’t it. Let’s see how long we can keep it up.

Look, what I was going to suggest is that maybe the next time I pay you a visit, you might even feel like giving me a little spanking yourself? No, honestly. Could be quite fun. We could pretend, I don’t know, say I’m your girlfriend and you’ve heard I’ve been flirting with your best friend and you take me straight across your knee, pull down my knickers and……


Yes, we do seem to have got you sorted don’t we! Well no, I’m not actually in any hurry to go. Let’s curl up and talk a bit more. What do you feel like doing next time? What! You NAUGHTY boy!


  1. Oh Elizabeth, you have a gift for turning me on! Should we go into business together and set up our own... agency? xx

    Also, I posted a comment on your wonderful post on pain, pleasure and ritual. I'm sorry it's late - I will of course submit to any punishment you see fit to administer x

  2. L & P

    thrashings all round are called for . . .