Saturday, 31 March 2012

Oh No!

Oh no! I got a message saying the Headmaster wants to spank me!

I can’t bear the thought of it!

What did I do to deserve it? I’m not like the other girls here who are always misbehaving. And what on earth will it feel like? It must hurt, I mean that has to be the whole idea of it.

And will my bottom be all red afterwards?

But it’s the humiliation of it. Having to be put across his knee and held in position while he spanks me for as long as he wants to.

I mean he’ll almost certainly pull my skirt up and get to see my knickers while he’s spanking me. It’s just not fair!

And supposing, well supposing, he even pulls my knickers down. He’ll see everything!

Even if he wants me in my pyjamas, he’ll probably pull the bottoms down, so I can’t see there’s any way to escape.

I just don’t know what the procedure is. If it’s in is private room will I have to kneel in position just waiting till he decides to get on with it?

Stephanie is always being spanked and says sometimes you have wait bent over his desk with your knickers down while he paces up and down telling you what a bad girl you are. According to her it’s just so he can take his time getting a good look at, well you know.

I’m not sure if I believe her but Heloise says that if it’s in his room in the evening after he’s had a glass of wine , at first it seems OK as he’ s very friendly, but then t turns out he wants you to take off everything.

Yes really! You have to be spanked completely naked!

The thing is, I mean well, he is quite dishy in his own way, and well, the thought of being across his knee without a stitch on is, well it’s ….

Oh stop it! Stop it! You shouldn’t be doing that. But then if I’m getting like this at the thought of being put across his knee and spanked, I mean, what thoughts could he be having ? Is he well…….?

Look, just stop this! You’ve got to be punished and that’s the end of it. Stop having silly ideas about what it means. You’re due in his study in ten minutes. Just time…well, I’ll juts pull on those new stockings I just bought. After all it’s a shame to waste them .

Come on! Compose yourself and just go and get it over with.

I don’t believe it! He just wanted to THANK me for something, not spank me! And I’d got myself all wound up about it!

Right that’s it! Things are going to change round here. I’m going to start being the baddest girl in the school and earn myself a punishment or two. Why should Stephanie and Heloise who are always misbehaving get all the fun?

I know, if I visit that photographer in town and get some naughty pics done…..

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  1. And then get them sent to the school, The Headmaster is going to see them because he always checks the post and is going to wonder why a photographer is sending me pictures at school, then he is going to ask to see me...........