Thursday, 17 June 2010

Delayed Gratification

This is such and odd picture I couldn't resist posting it, but it is closer to home than might appear to be the case.

A handful of times I have been lucky enough to create a situation where I had a man tethered and at my mercy, (that's the difficult bit; after that it's fun all the way,) then tortured him with an excess of pleasure. Believe me girls, if you want to have man literally whimpering for mercy, slowly masturbate him till the point of emission then stop, and then repeat and repeat, slower and slower each time till he's nearly screaming with the need to ejaculate. The upside for him is that when it does happen it's incandescent, but the downside for you is that when he's released you'll have to pay the price. Depending on your tendencies that could be even more enjoyable than masturbating him, but that one is down to you. Sorry, but I refuse to accept any responsibility for other girl's spanked bottoms. I'm generally too busy looking after my own.

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  1. As a high school student, some years back, when I first started having regular sex with my girlfriend, I found myself coming just a bit too quickly. I found a book at the library that taught me to bring myself to the edge, stop, and only begin again when the urge to come had passed. I learned, then, to imagine it was being done to me...there was a certain lovely girl with a lovely smooth "innocent" small hand that I always thought of at such moments. It worked: I almost never came too soon again for my lady's pleasure, and when I did come after that long delaying game, it was, as you say, "incandescent." I can remember those late summer afternoons, after the daily visit to the nearby ocean beach and a long swim and then an outdoor shower, everyone napping, the breeze blowing the curtains in the dormer windows, a hornet knocking against the outside of the screen, the soft white cotton sheets tangled, a dove cooing deep in the woods.