Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Dreaming of last nights spanking.....

I'm not sure if I'm really cut out for university as I'd much rather masturbate while thinking about sex and all the things he does to me.

Last night he spanked me really hard. I know I'd asked for it, leaning across the dining table wearing that really short dress and hold up stockings, but I still squealed and wriggled and squirmed when he dragged me across his knee and pulled my panties down. He really gave it to me this time, his hand going spank, spank, spank on my little bare bottom and it really hurt, but I loved it really, and when he asked me to tell him I was a wicked little girl and I'd deserved it, of course I did and then he was so nice to me, undressing me and kissing all my naughty places till my whole body was one big smile..

Please God the lecturer doesn't ask me any questions about quantum physics as he'll realize I've not been listening at all. Heavens, maybe he'll want to spank me! Oh my God..........

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  1. Do school girls really think like that, Elizabeth, or are you just telling us what we want to hear?