Monday, 28 June 2010

Thank you, and a confession.

Certain people have been taking an interest in my blog and have been kind enough to post comments, (You know who you are), and I have been appearing churlish in not acknowledging them. As explained in a comment headed 'Anonymous' and in reply e mails which I don't think will arrive, the fact is that I am not very technical and even now am not sure how I am supposed to post replies to comments. All deeply embarrassing!

Let me simply say that I appreciate the interest that has been taken and will try to keep the blog interesting, lively and worth folowing. Of course apologies to those concerned.

Thanks again



  1. You don't seem churlish to me, not at all! You have started a blog that's fun to read, and if you don't know the technical stuff as well as you'd like, so what!! You'll gradually learn what you need to know. I'm not very technical either, but I plug along and things slowly get better. My husband is a lot more technical than I am, and sometimes I even ask my older daughter who is 6, for advice about computer use. A common enough situation!

    Liz, you understand about content and that's why some of us like your blog!

    The redent post about school-girls is nice and the pic is very cute. When I was a school-girl I wore holdup stockings, I started using garter-belts much later. I would not have gotten away with not wearing panties while I lived at home. I was 19 and in college, sharing an apartment with a girl who was my lover for 2 years. It was then that I learned about how sexually exciting garter-belts are, and about how exciting it could be to skip the panties when dressing, provided, of course, that she was aware of it.

    Best regards, Laurie

  2. Thank you Laurie. Your comments appreciated.


  3. I love you blog. Anybody who seems to love spanking as much as you appear to, has to be a friend of mine.