Monday, 21 June 2010


There’s endless reasons why men enjoy giving us a good spanking from time to time and an analysis of why they want to do that could fill a book in its own right, (and there would be another book again why a lot of us enjoy it) but I’ve often thought that at least one reason is their getting back us, or possibly putting us in our place for being too sexy. Of course they want us to be sexy and flirty, but at the same time it is possibly threatening for them when a woman can make them virtually stop breathing by some simple ploy as muttering “Oh dear, I think I’ve forgotten to put any panties on!”

Where this is unfair on men is the endless and effortless ways we can do this, a flash of the eyes before you bend down to the lowest drawer of the filing cabinet, or standing on a desk in your shortest skirt and asking him to steady you. And of course the market place is crammed with garments that women can wear in the office or in the street that seem to have no other purpose but make men horny. Skirts so short we daren’t bend an inch in case we make an exhibition of our knickers, or skin tight tee shirts that make a thrusting invitation of our breasts and make them look as if they are making an escape attempt through the straining cotton. As if this wasn’t enough there’s high heels to make our legs look even more alluring and of course the wispy pornography of our underwear. No wonder men feel the need to exercise some sort of control over the brazen strumpets we all are.

And then of course there’s stockings, the most incendiary device in any girls erotic armoury. Men adore women’s legs and if you want to mesmerise every man in the room or the street but still be within the bounds of what is acceptable, wear the shortest skirt you can manage teamed with sheer dark tights and high heels. The problem here is this is the ultimate advert for a product that can be something of a let down as having aroused him to a the point where fluids might be exchanged, hidden under your skirt is the temporary disappointment of the tights stretched over your panties. But on the other hand, if you make the skirt a scintilla longer and exchange the tights for stockings, then things start getting much more exciting. The lure of the naked flesh above the stocking top is irresistible and their lips and hands can’t leave it alone, drawn to it like a heat seeking missile, and of course this inch or two of flesh takes him inevitably on to your moist waiting entrance. As a woman who likes women I can't resist this either, and when there’s a girl in my life and I discover she’s wearing stockings I know that every minute of the next few hours are spoken for.

Stockings have everything. They eroticise the legs and make you look as sexy as all hell, but do not interfere with whatever pleasure or punishment he chooses to visit on you having being aroused by them. You can wear them with a city suit in all apparent innocence, or wear them with a short skirt and without panties to make it all too plain what you’re encouraging him to do. If you appear out of nowhere in nothing but stockings and heels you'll drive him mad, and if you enjoy being spanked, when he’s got you across his knee with your knickers down you’re likely to be there for some time as it’s such a visual treat he won’t want to stop.

I’m treating you to lots of pictures with this post as I couldn’t decide which of them to leave out. One of them is a girl in tights, not stockings, but she has such gorgeous legs it would be a shame for you to not get to enjoy them. Whatever your gender or inclination, I’m sure having these girls in their stockings in your ivory tower will make it an even more seductive place to slide off to.


  1. I don't think I've ever read such a frank exploration of the question of why men (or some men, at least) like to spank women.

    I think your theory is a good one, Elizabeth!

    And stockings ARE a big turn on.

  2. Check out Pandora's post on "Spanked for being Slutty", for another perspective on this dynamic:

  3. Yes! Wonderfully described, and perfection when when the "moist waiting entrance" is veiled by pubic hair.

  4. Of all these pictures, I think the one from the FENEM demonstration is really the prettiest. That's the second one down.